B-Meltee: Cold-Preserved Facial Cleanser with Cooling Wintergreen & Vitamin B for Clean, Clear Skin

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Meet B-Meltee: Our wintergreen-infused cleanser that gently dissolves impurities and prepares your skin for the rest of your routine. You’ll start to crave its cooling tingle--like a fresh-brushed teeth feeling for your face!

We’ve made B-Meltee with more TLC than your average cleanser. In fact, we’ve packed it with Vitamin B, which builds up your skin’s resistance to external irritants. Plus, we’ve formulated with antioxidant-rich aloe and smoothing abyssinian oil, so not only does your skin get clean, it’s deeply nurtured too.

Melt away the day with your new revitalizing cleanser.

Dispensing type: Pump Top | Net Contents: 50 ml; 1.7 fl oz

Prefer to start small? Shop the mini version - the perfect option for travel or light use.

Why Cold? - Preserving our skincare with cold enables us to keep chemical preservatives out of our products and off of your body. Just like the nourishing foods in your fridge, this innovative method keeps our active ingredients potent and fresh, preserving their natural benefits and efficacy.

Cold also means every active ingredient and natural micronutrient is as clean and bioactive as nature intended, without unwanted ingredient reactions inside the bottle. With Wild Ice you'll experience the pinnacle of potent and effective skincare, designed to nurture your skin and elevate your natural glow.

Cold is our hero ingredient, our raison d'être, and the secret behind why our customers keep coming back. Scroll down to learn more.

Ingredient Highlights

Chamomile is the super-botanical that’s been loved for hundreds of years. Even the ancient Greeks and Egyptians are rumored to have used it! This incredible flower is antimicrobial and rich in antioxidants, making it an excellent soother of red and inflamed skin. Chamomile can also reverse hyperpigmentation and reduce acne.

Peppermint and wintergreen oils don’t only make you feel invigorated, they do the same for your skin by promoting blood flow for a healthy complexion. These oils are also excellent for getting oily skin under control. No shiny faces around here!

Vitamin B is in so many of our products for a reason. It’s proven to improve your skin’s texture, help it retain moisture, and reduce the appearance of dark spots and wrinkles. Not bad benefits for simply washing your face!


B-Meltee is the first step in your skincare routine.

Dampen your skin, then apply B-Meltee with your fingertips, massaging in small circles as you go.

Rinse your skin with lukewarm water and watch the impurities melt away.

Follow with Gaea's Gala to restore your skin’s pH balance.

Store cool and out of direct sunlight. Avoid contact with eyes.

Full Composition

Ingredients: Distilled Water (Aqua), Caprylyl/Capryl Glucoside, Coco Glucoside, Vegetable Glycerin (Glycerin)*, Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide), Lactic Acid, Aloe Leaf (Aloe Barbadensis) Powder*, Wintergreen (Gaultheria Procumbens) Oil*, Persian Lilac (Melia Azadirachta) Leaf Extract, Persian Lilac (Melia Azadirachta) Flower Extract, Amino Esters-1 (ex Mimosa Tenuiflora), Ivy Gourd (Coccinia Indica) Fruit Extract, Eggplant (Solanum Melongena) Fruit Extract, Aloe (Aloe Barbadensis) Flower Extract, Jojoba (Simmondsia Chinensis) Seed Oil, Holy Basil (Ocimum Sanctum) Leaf Extract, Basil (Ocimum Basilicum) Extract, Turmeric (Curcuma Longa) Root Extract, Red Seaweed (Corallina Officinalis) Extract, Chamomile (Anthemis Nobilis) Flower Extract, Rosemary (Rosmarinus Officinalis) Leaf Extract, Aloe (Aloe Barbadensis) Leaf Extract*, Sugar Cane (Saccharum Officinarum) Extract, Lemon (Citrus Limon) Fruit Extract, Apple (Pyrus Malus) Fruit Extract, Tea Plant (Camellia Sinensis) Leaf Extract, Benzyl Alcohol, Salicylic Acid, Sorbic Acid, Sodium Phytate, Xanthan Gum, Peppermint (Mentha Piperita) Oil*

*=Organic Ingredient †=Wild-Crafted Ingredient

Skin Type
  • Oily
  • Combination
  • Dry
  • Normal
  • Sensitive
Skin Concerns
  • Acne & Blemishes
    B-Meltee: Cold-Preserved Facial Cleanser with Cooling Wintergreen & Vitamin B for Clean, Clear Skin
    B-Meltee: Cold-Preserved Facial Cleanser with Cooling Wintergreen & Vitamin B for Clean, Clear Skin
    B-Meltee: Cold-Preserved Facial Cleanser with Cooling Wintergreen & Vitamin B for Clean, Clear Skin
    B-Meltee: Cold-Preserved Facial Cleanser with Cooling Wintergreen & Vitamin B for Clean, Clear Skin
    Spa-Grade Care
    Fresh & Natural
    Pure-Intact Actives
    Sensitive-Skin Friendly
    Barrier Boosting
    Precision Formulated
    Organic & Wildcrafted
    Color Correcting
    Overnight Repair

    The One And Only Cold-Preserved Skincare

    • Gentler

      Toxic chemical preservatives are left out of the bottle, and off of your skin.

    • More Potent

      Cold preservation means delicate active ingredients are kept intact.

    • Healthier

      Micronutrients remain bioavailable, just like healthy produce in your fridge.

    • Cleaner

      Ingredients don't react in the bottle, so harmful sensitizers don't form.

    Before & After


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    resultsbefore picture

    Results following our Wild Ice Essentials Routine after only 6 weeks

    👉 Swipe Our 1,000+ 5-Star Reviews

    Natural skincare 🤩🤩🤩 FINALLY!!!!!!

    I have been using wild ice for about a month now and I am definitely obsessed. From the cleanser to the 7 winters serum I am definitely hooked. I have extremely sensitive skin and these products have only improved my skin to where I no longer have to wear foundation! I Love these products!

    Karlee R. of Baker, FL

    Actually Works!

    I've (25 y/o) used Cryo-C for about three weeks and have noticed a real difference. When looking at other products, always thought "brightness" and vit-C products were about making your skin lighter, and removed dark spots. Sounds great, but never seemed significant to me... But then I tried the Cryo-C and finally understand how it works!! I noticed results after the three week mark. My skin looks and feels much fresher with no congestion - that's the best way I can describe it! Totally worth it and it makes me happy. :-) I wear this only at night before bed and it feels so nice and lightweight. I personally really love the smell as well!

    Kyoshi of Panama City, FL

    Saved my skin!

    I work in a lab where the air is so dry that my skin often cracks and peels which can be painful. D.B.T. Baba Yaga is the ONLY cream that did not burn or sting when applied. Within a few days my skin felt much less raw and more moisturized and calm. I’m honestly surprised how well this cream worked!

    Michelle S. of New York, NY

    Aging with a Glow

    Combining the collagen with the Cryo C Serum was exactly what my skin needed to transform from a dry old aged look to a more youthful moisturized glow. I've tried so many products and these are the first ones I believe actually do what they say. I love them and highly endorse - Five plus stars!

    Maria V. of Gulf Breeze, FL

    Amazing results

    Before starting this system, I had these patches of skin on my forehead that would peel off, but come right back. They are gone. Cancelled my dermatology appointment!

    K.L. of Pensacola, FL

    7 Winters

    I wish I had 7 Winters when I was younger. I use this daily before Cryo-C and my skin hasn’t looked or felt this good in many years. I’ve never been good at keeping a routine for my skin but I look forward to using this every day.

    Helen B. of Madisonville, TN

    Love it!

    I love this skin care! I love how each step provides just the right amount of moisture so that your skin is perfectly balanced but there isn’t a heavy layer of oil or thick cream laying on it at the end. As someone with very dry/patchy skin, this is often what I had to rely on previously. Not anymore!

    Stephanie S.

    Best Skincare Ever

    I love every product from Wild Ice! I’ve started using the subscription service and that has been so convenient and saves me a little money! All the products are effective, smell amazing, and I feel like I’m not bathing myself in synthetic chemicals. Win win! I get compliments on my skin routinely since using Wild Ice and I rarely wear makeup anymore!

    Anna of Ripley, MS


    I’ve been using Cryo-C for almost 3 weeks and love it! I’ve had dry skin my entire life and this is truly soothing, leaves my skin glowing and smells delightful. If you’re looking at Cryo-C and trying to decide if you should try it, I highly recommend that you do.

    Helen B. of Madisonville, TN

    Love it!

    I bought Memoir of a Frozen Flower as soon as it came out. Overall products for women are filled with cancer causing, hormone disrupting ingredients. Thankfully, there are companies like Wild Ice Botanicals. All of the products have great ingredients created by Mother Nature. This perfume smells wonderful. I can enjoy wearing it knowing I am not causing any harm to my body. Thank you for a wonderful perfume. P.S. My husband loves it too!

    Teresa H. of Pensacola, FL

    Best products ever - and that’s from a very picky user!

    This is truly the best system I’ve ever used. My skin is healthier - I’ve always had dry skin and finally it feels hydrated and the difference is visible. It even stayed hydrated feeling and looking on a 5 day ski trip, which always especially drys out my face. I’ve also had redness on my cheeks and that is slowly but noticeably decreasing. I gave wild ice to my daughters and best friend for Christmas as well and they are so happy with it and agree it’s a game changer for our skin. Thank you!

    Stephanie P.

    Love this cleanser

    I have been using B-Meltee for a while now and I love the fresh scent and how clean my face feels. I don’t feel like all the moisture has been sucked out of my skin after washing, it just feels refreshed and clean! Highly recommend!

    Author of Ripley, MS

    GLOWING Recommendation!

    I've been using the Wild Ice beauty routine for two weeks. Already, my skin is clear, smooth, even toned and glowing. The routine is a quick five minutes in the AM & PM, the products feel so good on my skin, and they smell amazing!

    Amy M. of Austin, TX

    Love love

    I love Cryo-C! For the first time EVER, my skin feels better immediately upon putting this in my skin. I have used lots of cremes and have never seen my skin absorb a serum and immediately feel renewed. And it smells amazing!

    Traci S. of Little Rock, AR

    Wild Ice Cryo-C

    All of the product products that I have bought from wild ice have been incredible. I’ve noticed a big difference in my skin. My pores are less visible, I hardly have any more breakouts, and my skin is more plump. I am a new fan.

    Jennifer S. of Gulf Breeze, FL

    7 Winters Collagen

    I’ve been using 7 Winters on and off for about 2 weeks and so far it’s been great! It has a very mild tingly sensation and goes on so easily. I definitely want to use for another month or so to see some long term results but so far it would be awesome for a facial!

    Sarah B. of Jacksonville, FL


    Cryo-C went on smooth. It had a soft and agreeable smell of citrus orange. My husband and I use it before our red light therapy regime and I am seeing a difference in our collagen production with few lines on the face and chest area.

    Laura D. of Redondo Beach, CA

    stay on track

    The subscription box saves me time and money. Keeps me on track with my skin care regime and I'm loving every product Mila offers. It's nice too, to have little surprises in the box every now and then on products I haven't tried yet.

    Janine O. of Destin, FL

    Refreshing Facial Cleaner

    I always look forward to how B-Meltee smells and cleans my face. In the morning it just makes me feel awake and refreshed for my day. I love the feel it leaves my face feeling before I apply all my other wild ice favorites!

    Prudence W.

    Best Product Ever!

    I love 7 Winters! I put it all over my neck, face and hands daily to build up additional collagen, tighten my skin and try to keep some youth! I use Cryo facials to bring collagen to the surface and then the WILD ICE liquid collagen to infuse more. It’s like a collagen sandwich!

    Amy M. of Destin, FL

    My New favorite fragrance!

    I love how light and fresh Memoir of a Frozen Flower is! I don’t love a heavy overpowering scent and this fits the bill! Definitely something I’ll be using permanently!

    Anna of Memphis, TN

    My favorite wild ice product

    I am obsessed with Cryo-C. It is so versatile and makes my make up sit perfectly. I love that it makes facial massage and gua sha easy.

    Jordan of Dallas, TX

    Skin Changing!

    I wear sunscreen on my face, neck, and on my tattoos. Over time, it starts to build up even if I wash it off at the end of every day. Yuki-Onna Facial helps exfoliate away any issues - it immediately moisturizes and keeps the skin feeling soothed from the oils. I like to soften the sugar granules with warm water to use on my face and my tattoos for a gentler scrub, and the regular granule size is great for the rest of the body! I also stored this in the fridge one time because I thought the bathroom steam would heat up the sugar and melt it, but it solidified in the fridge from the oils/butters. So just store it in your room or similar. :-)

    Kyoshi of Panama City, FL

    Cryo C

    I’ve been religiously using Cryo C for nearly a month now. My skin is looking more luminous but now I’m in the midst of skin purging in a small area on my chin. Vitamin C is an active ingredient in this product, which is known to boost collagen production in the skin and encourage skin cell regeneration. So, skin purging in some folks (like me) is to be expected. The trick is to stay the course to allow my skin to regenerate, which I intend to do because I’m pleased with my results thus far!

    T.L. of New Orleans, LA

    It’s Amazing

    I have used various Vitamin C serums and this one checks a lot of boxes. It smells great, it gives a healthy glow, it has beautiful packaging, the price is good and you know it’s good for you with no preservatives or ingredients that are questionable for safety.

    Andrea S. of Atlanta, GA

    Mila is Amazing

    Mila is absolutely amazing as a person and as a skin specialist. She has created the most wonderful products. I have tried different routines and once I stumbled upon her skincare I never bought anything else. A real treat for the skin.

    Elena P. of College Grove, TN

    I trust Wild Ice

    The entire Wild Ice line of products are what my skin responds to over any other product I've ever used. I do not hesitate to put any new Wild Ice product on my skin knowing I can trust the ingredients to do the job well. Just smelling the freshness of the products is a daily pleasure. And look no further than Mila's gorgeous skin for inspiration :)

    Laura S. of Pensacola, FL

    Refreshing Facial Cleanser

    I love B-Meltee. My face feels clean and cool without drying my skin. I follow up with the Gaea's Gala toner and Baba Yaga moisturizer to keep my skin in top condition. I am new to the Wild Ice products and look forward to trying the 7 Winters Plumping Hydration Treatment next.

    Leslie P. of New Orleans, LA

    Cryo-C magic

    This month I tried yet another product in this skincare line - Cryo-C. I love the gentle herbal smell of the product. It goes on smoothly and absorbs into the skin in just the right amount of time so I don’t feel like a greaseball before bed. I will definitely order it again.

    Okiska of Duluth, MN

    Loved Yuki-Onna Facial Mask

    At 70+ years old with dry, sensitive skin, I am very pleased with Yuki-Onna Facial. My skin felt smoother and shinier after using as directed. I am delighted with the results from using Yuki-Onna Facial Mask and am recommending it to my friends.

    Christine F. of Milton, VT

    Yuki-Onna Facial

    Yuki-Onna Facial is one of my favorite Wild Ice products!! It smells so clean and fresh and makes my skin feel soft and hydrated. I am super picky about scent and texture and this one is just all around amazing! I keep it in my refrigerator and when I apply it, the coolness and scent make me feel rejuvenated and like I'm doing something great for my skin! I've been using Wild Ice for over 2 years now and will continue to be a faithful customer, as keeping my skin healthy and youthful is a big priority to me!

    Julie M. of Jackson, MS

    Awesome products - and they work!!

    I have suffered with rosacea for years and finally have found products that work. I have not had to take antibiotics (either oral or topical) to control breakouts/redness and am not looking back. Wild Ice is a fantastic find!! So grateful for Mila and her skin care guidance!


    Gentle and effective

    Yuki-Onna Facial mask surprised me in both its efficacy and gentleness! It's truly a rarity to find an exfoliating product that both nourishes AND sloughs away dead skin cells without creating irritation. This mask along side CryoC give you the most beautiful glow. One of my all time favorite products.

    K. of Keller, TX


    I’ve been using the 4-step set for a year now. My overall complexion has improved! I like all 4 products, but my favorite is Cryo-C. I used to think oily products promoted oily skin. Wild Ice Botanicals has proven that is not the case. My skin seems more balanced than ever. I rarely even have to “powder my nose” like I’ve done most of my life with an oily complexion. If I were limited to just one product I’d choose Cryo-C.

    Karmala of Medon, TN

    Baba Yaga

    I just learned Baba Yaga is a supernatural being in Slavic folklore. This product, with collagen producing ingredients, applies effortlessly, I can feel my skin drinking it in and it must be supernatural—I’ve been using Baba for about three weeks now and I’ve been “carded” three times this past week by astonished people who thought I was way younger than what I am.

    T.L. of New Orleans, LA

    Crispy and Works!

    I never thought I would enjoy a toner before... I used to think they were rather pointless, didn't work, and difficult to apply since most the product gets absorbed in a cotton ball or hands. I've tried a handful of toners, but they left my face sticky, or didn't work that well. But Ms. Gala?? She is refreshing, crispy, clean, and actually does balance your face, to my surprise. The atomizer spray is perfect and doesn't waste product. I will definitely repurchase this!

    Kyoshi of Panama City, FL

    100% Satisfied

    These products are absolutely amazing. They smell so good, and I’ve noticed a difference in the elasticity of my skin as well as the brightness and the few wrinkles I have. I have acne breakouts sometimes, but there has been a noticeable difference in how big the breakouts are and how fast they heal. Every time I wash my face, I feel like I am truly treating myself, and it feels so so good, especially because it’s all natural. I never want to stop using these products, and I can’t wait to try more! I think Mila is an absolute genius down to packaging her products. (They’re eco friendly.🥲)

    Lauren P.

    I love these products!! I ordered the set!!

    This is my 2nd order….I did try another product and my face and skin are not as good as when I used Wild Ice!! You can truly tell a difference!! I’m 60 years old and love how this makes my skin look and feel!!!

    Lauren of Lihue, HI

    Soothing Moisture for even Sensitive Skin

    Berry Boreal Bod is such a great moisturizer after a bath or shower. I have patches of eczema that flare from time to time and this is one of the few oils with a natural scent that doesn't make it worse. The fragrance is almost a crisp mountain meadow smell. I love putting this on in the evening after my shower and before bed. I wake up to soft skin and no irritation.

    L.J. of Brookfield, IL

    I began using the cryo- C about six weeks ago and my skin has never looked better!

    I began using the cryo- C about six weeks ago and my skin has never looked better! The first thing you notice is how wonderful it smells, the second thing you notice is how it glides on and gives you an instant glow, and the next thing you notice overtime is that it provides a permanent dewy glow with diminished discoloration‘s and lines! I love love love this product! I’m 58❤️

    Erin P.

    Fresh + Chemical Free = Happy Skin

    It's simple: no more harsh preservatives, just fresh and gentle formulas.

    We do it with cold. Scroll down to learn more.

    3 types of breakdown isolated

    The Three Types of Breakdown

    Cold vs Chemical Preservatives

    Chemical preservatives inhibit bacteria, but that's just one cause of product degradation.

    Products lose efficacy due to redox reactions (electrons moving between atoms) as well as plant enzymes present in natural products.

    Cold inhibits all three types of breakdown.

    Together let's stop putting chemical preservatives on our skin, and start applying freshly cold-preserved skincare.

    Discover the benefits: tap 'Why Cold' below for more details.

    flower frozen in ice

    Customers Often ask

    "Why Don't Other Brands Chill Too?"

    Conventional brands want:

    1. Retail chains to stock them,
    2. Distribution by a network like Amazon,
    3. Production outsourced to a large manufacturer.

    None of those offer cold preservation.

    It's a problem of industry inertia, aka "lock-in."

    Want to learn more? Visit our FAQ page for a deeper insight.

    Read the FAQ

    Cold Seems like common sense because

    Cold Is Common Sense

    ✓ Products are fresh & naturally preserved

    ✓ Delicate actives remain intact & effective

    ✓ Chemical preservatives are left off your skin

    ✓ Antioxidants are applied before their oxidation

    ✓ You get the pristine formula you paid for

    Cold-Preserved Skincare Works

    Countless Wild Ice customers have experienced amazing before and after results in just a few weeks.

    Recap: Why Cold-Preserved Skincare ✼

    • Clean + Gentle

      With Wild Ice you can rest easy knowing that chemical preservatives are kept out of our products, and off of your skin.

      And cold inhibits the process by which skincare ingredients break down and form unintended compounds, including harmful sensitizers.

    • skincare fridge

      Freshness Matters

      Mini-fridges for skincare collections have become popular precisely because we all know cold preserves essential micronutrients.

      It's why we all want a fridge in our own kitchens, and why the chilled periphery of the supermarket has all the freshest, most nutritious foods.

    • Preserve Potency

      Chilling inhibits all three types of breakdown: redox reactions, enzymatic activity, and bacterial digestion.

      So you get intact delicate actives like antioxidants, ceramides, and peptides that are kept fresh and potent inside the bottle in order to nourish your skin's natural beauty outside of it.

    Product FAQ

    Is B-Meltee made with artificial dyes?

    Absolutely not. Just like all of our other products, B-Meltee is made with only organic and natural extracts. That stunning blue color is a gift from nature!

    How often should I use B-Meltee?

    For best results, wash your face with B-Meltee every morning and evening. We promise you’ll start to crave its minty tingle!

    Do I have to keep B-Meltee cold?

    No! Because our products are made fresh and kept cold until we send them to you, they won’t begin to degrade for several months. With regular use, you’ll run out of B-Meltee before it degrades.

    Just remember to keep B-Meltee (and all of your other skincare products!) out of direct sunlight.

    Do your products contain any hidden ingredients?

    Thanks to the magic of cold preservation, our products never contain any unlisted, questionable, or dangerous chemicals such as parabens, sulfates, phthalates, dyes, GMOs, formaldehydes, BPAs, synthetic fragrances and perfumes, synthetic colors, petroleum, mineral oils, propylene glycols or DEAs. We only use high quality, natural, organic or wild-crafted (when available) and sustainably produced ingredients.

    Do I need a cosmetics mini-fridge?

    Our advice is to skip the mini fridge. With skincare, most decay happens well before a product gets into your hands.

    And while cold stops products from breaking down, it can’t reverse decay that’s already occurred.

    What matters is that the products you use arrive in their most potent state, and that you use them promptly and frequently.

    If you feel that you simply must have one then that’s fine too – it certainly won’t hurt. In the event that you accidently freeze a product just be sure to thaw and shake before use.

    Do you test any of your products on animals?

    Absolutely not. We have never (and will never) test our products on our animal friends. Apparently this means we will never be sold in China -- so be it. We test on our (willing) human friends instead.

    Are your products vegan?

    Absolutely, our products are always vegan. They never contain tallow or any other animal fats or animal by-products.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 49 reviews
    Anna (Blue Mountain, MS)
    Favorite Cleanser

    This is my favorite cleanser ever! Leave my face feeling clean but not dried out like many products do. Plus it smells great!

    Shirley B.
    Wild Ice B-Meltee

    Love the gentle, tingly face wash. It only takes 2-3 squirts to cover my face and neck. Love it!

    Prudence W.
    Refreshing Facial Cleaner

    I always look forward to how this smells and cleans my face. In the morning it just makes me feel awake and refreshed for my day. I love the feel it leaves my face feeling before I apply all my other wild ice favorites!

    Anna (Ripley, MS)
    Love this cleanser

    I have been using this for a while now and I love the fresh scent and how clean my face feels. I don’t feel like all the moisture has been sucked out of my skin after washing, it just feels refreshed and clean! Highly recommend!


    I will never wash my face with anything else

    Leslie P. (New Orleans, LA)
    Refreshing Facial Cleanser

    I love this cleanser. My face feels clean and cool without drying my skin. I follow up with the Gaea's Gala toner and Baba Yaga moisturizer to keep my skin in top condition. I am new to the Wild Ice products and look forward to trying the 7 Winters Plumping Hydration Treatment next.

    Hunter (New Orleans, LA)
    Fabulous products

    Love how clean and refresh my face feels without drying. The cooling affect is amazing. Highly recommend. Mila”s service is incomparable! Thank you.

    Kristy (Barboursville, VA)

    This cleanser is so gentle, and the minty scent leaves my skin feeling fresh and cool. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now, and I love that my face feels clean, but not tight.

    janine o. (Destin, FL)
    Lives up to its name

    This cleanser truly is Meltee. It feels buttery soft on your skin and soothing as you clean with it. Whether you rub away the days makeup or wake up to it in the morning. It's a wonderful cleanser.

    Abby C.
    Best face wash 👌

    Love this cleanser! Have been using it for almost a year now. Can be used for oily or dry skin too. So glad I made the switch to all wild ice products.