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Demystifying Skincare: Wild Ice Self-Care Beauty Class

Who: You and up to 14 friends and acquaintances (up to 15 people total). Class must have a minimum of 3 people (you and two friends).

What: A 90-minute class that teaches you how to get the best skin of your life with Wild Ice skincare products and proven facial massage techniques

Why: Learn the habits you need to achieve a lifetime of beautiful, glowing skin and take home free Wild Ice productsvalued at $222 per person

Where: We've proudly partnered with 30A Beach Girls to bring this experience directly to your Beach Girls rental

When: Tap the "schedule your time" button for a list of available times (typically Sunday or Monday afternoons)

A Sneak Peek Inside our Classes:

Let’s be honest: there’s no shortage of skincare tutorials out there. But there is a shortage of skincare that WORKS. 

Our class is designed to give you the no-nonsense, proven skincare techniques that get visible results for us and countless Wild Ice customers. 

Plus, we’re ready to answer your most pressing skincare questions on the spot—that’s something you don’t get from a YouTube video! 

Here are just a few insider tips we’ll share for your most wow-worthy skin: 

  • How to prepare your skin for your beauty routine
  • How long you should apply each product
  • What motions you should use to apply your products 
  • What time of day you should apply each product
  • The cosmetics that will complement your new skincare routine
  • How to use kinesiology tape to melt years off of your face 

And of course we won’t send you home empty handed. You’ll get $222 worth of Wild Ice skincare products for FREE so you can start your new beauty routine the right way. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I split the payment for this class among my fellow attendees? You can split payment into a maximum of 10 payors. So if your party is 15 people, you will need to combine some of them and pay each other back. That part is up to you.

What if something comes up? Can I cancel? We understand that life happens, so you’re welcome to cancel your class for a full refund at least 12 hours prior to the class start time. Due to the amount of preparatory work required for each class, we’re not able to issue refunds for classes canceled later than that.

What if I’m booking fewer than 10 people? That’s perfectly fine! Just keep in mind that the minimum class fee is $1500, regardless of class size. 

What if I have more than 15 people? The largest class size we can accommodate is 15 based on physical space limitations. However, if you would like to supply a location that can accommodate more people please reach out to us at

What if I’m not renting a 30A Beach Girls unit? If you have a suitable location and would like to schedule a class please reach out to us with all details at