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Demystifying Skincare: Wild Ice Self-Care Beauty Class

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Who: You and up to seven others (maximum class size is eight). This booking represents a single seat, to book multiple seats simply check out multiple times.

What: A 90-minute class that teaches you how to get the best skin of your life with Wild Ice skincare products and proven facial massage techniques.

Why: Learn the habits you need to achieve a lifetime of beautiful, glowing skin and take home free Wild Ice products valued at $222 per person.

Where: To be held on Okaloosa Island, Florida; the precise address will be provided after booking.

When: Your choice of either 20 or 21 December with class beginning at 3:30 pm.


    Demystifying Skincare: Wild Ice Self-Care Beauty Class
    Demystifying Skincare: Wild Ice Self-Care Beauty Class
    Demystifying Skincare: Wild Ice Self-Care Beauty Class
    Demystifying Skincare: Wild Ice Self-Care Beauty Class
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    The World's Only Cold-Preserved Skincare

    • Potent

      Better preserved means the active ingredients you buy stay potent.

    • Healthy

      Delicate nutrients remain intact, just like healthy produce in your fridge.

    • Clean

      Ingredients don't react with each other so sensitizers can't form.

    • Gentle

      Chemical preservatives are left out of the bottle, and off of your skin.

    3 types of breakdown isolated

    The Three Types of Breakdown

    Cold vs Chemicals

    Chemical preservatives inhibit bacterial digestion, but that's only one cause of product degradation.

    Products change and lose efficacy due to redox reactions (electrons moving between atoms) as well as plant enzymes present in natural products.

    Cold inhibits all three types of breakdown.

    Together let's stop putting chemical preservatives on our skin, and start applying freshly cold-preserved skincare.

    flower frozen in ice

    Customers Often ask

    "Why Don't Other Brands Chill Too?"

    "Cold seems like common sense, especially as clean & natural skincare has gone mainstream. So why aren't other larger brands doing what you do?"

    It's a question we get all the time; the short answer is because it's hard.

    Brands want to go into retail chains, they want to be distributed by major logistics companies, and they want to outsource production to one of a few big production houses.

    None of these are equipped to offer cold preservation for ingredients and products. And because they can't, they don't.

    Want the more detailed answer? It's the first one on our FAQ page.

    Read the FAQ

    Cold Seems like common sense because

    Cold Is Common Sense

    ✓ Products are fresh & naturally preserved

    ✓ Delicate actives remain intact & effective

    ✓ Chemical preservatives are left off your skin

    ✓ Antioxidants are applied before their oxidation

    ✓ You get the pristine formula you paid for

    Wild Ice Skincare Success Stories

    Discover the amazing results achieved by real people who have used Wild Ice skincare products

    Why we chill ✼

    • cool skincare

      Preserve Potency

      Chilling inhibits all three types of breakdown - Redox Reactions, Enzymatic Activity, and Bacterial Digestion.

      This ensures that your skincare products stay potent and effective until the moment of sale, maintaining their efficacy over time.

    • skincare fridge

      Freshness Matters

      Just like how fresh produce is considered healthier, the same holds true for skincare.

      Mini-fridges for skincare collections have become popular because they help maintain the freshness and efficacy of skincare products, and Wild Ice understands the importance of freshness in skincare preservation.

    • wild ice products

      Pure and Safe Formulas

      Ingredients in skincare products can break down over time, losing their potency and forming unintended compounds, including harmful sensitizers.

      A formula that is not chilled may not stay pure for long, as breakdown and unintended compound formation can occur.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    J.M. (Miramar Beach, FL)
    Wild Ice skin care class

    Mila, the owner/founder and creator of all of the Wild Ice products leads this amazing 90 minute class and gives detailed instruction on product usage and Guasha stone techniques. She welcomes any questions and is very knowledgeable of pressure points, muscle tone and lymphatic drainage. I highly recommend this class! The amount of knowledge alone that you leave this class with is well worth the money spent to take it. Not to mention the generous amount of product you go home with makes you feel like a queen!! I've been a faithful user of Wild Ice for over 2 years now. My mother and daughters are customers now too!

    Sarah B. (Havana, FL)
    Such a great class!

    This class was such a great experience. Mila explains how the muscles in your face work and how to use her products to enhance your face and glow. I had so much fun as this class and I would definitely go to another one!

    Laura S. (Pensacola, FL)
    I trust Wild Ice

    The entire Wild Ice line of products are what my skin responds to over any other product I've ever used. I do not hesitate to put any new Wild Ice product on my skin knowing I can trust the ingredients to do the job well. Just smelling the freshness of the products is a daily pleasure. And look no further than Mila's gorgeous skin for inspiration :)


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