How to Let Skin Breathe + Why You Might Want to Do It

How to Let Skin Breathe + Why You Might Want to Do It

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Have you stopped to think about how much  stuff  you put on your skin every day? All of the serums, primers, foundations and sunscreens can be a lot for your hard-working pores to handle. 

If you’re using the right products, you shouldn’t see too many issues with daily skincare and makeup. But it certainly doesn’t hurt to let your skin breathe every once in a while. 

So what does it actually mean to let your skin breathe, and how do you do it? We’re diving into the details below. 

What Does it Mean to Let Your Skin Breathe? 

Let’s start by getting one thing straight: your skin doesn’t actually breathe. It’s nourished by oxygen from your blood. When someone talks about letting their skin breathe, they are presumably saying that they’d like to give their pores a break from product buildup. 

There are some makeup and skincare products out there that claim to let your skin breathe. What they’re really claiming is that their products won’t clog your pores. (This may or may not be true. We always recommend using an online ingredient checker to make sure the product you’re using is safe. Simply google “pore-clogging ingredient checker”.) 

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Does Your Skin Need to Breathe? 

“Need” is a relative word. Nothing medically dangerous will happen to you if you don’t let your skin breathe once in a while. But you may end up with some irritating skin concerns like increased acne, oily or dry skin, and even more wrinkles. (More on this in a minute.) 

Most people make a habit of letting their skin breathe by washing off their makeup and/or the residue from the day before bed, which may be enough “breathing” to give most complexions the break they need. If you’re not  washing your face  before you go to sleep, it’s time to start! This is a good idea even if you already go bare-faced during the day. 

Why Should You Let Your Skin Breathe? 

If you decide to take a day (or more) each week to go sans-makeup, here are some benefits you can look forward to over time: 

  1. When your pores are less clogged with product buildup from makeup, they can absorb your skincare products better, leading to better results.
  2. You avoid pulling gentle portions of your skin (like your eye area), that tend to get tugged on when applying makeup. This helps you avoid wrinkles in the long run. 
  3. Your skin gets a chance to return to its natural pH levels, which can help with oiliness or dryness issues. 
  4. Your skin gets the chance to recover from any irritation that may have been caused by makeup products. 
  5. If you’re dealing with a skin condition like acne, this is a great chance to see if your makeup may have been the source of your blemishes. 
  6. Depending on the brand of makeup you’re using, you’ll be reducing the amount of toxins you’re putting on your body. 
  7. You can sweat and touch your face freely. (Although, we still don’t recommend a whole lot of face-touching, speaking of blemishes!) 
  8. You save time getting ready in the morning, which can be used to get a fancy latte, meditate, or--let’s be real--hit the snooze button. 
  9. You might even gain a little self-love and acceptance from your makeup-free days. It’s nice to appreciate how beautiful you are without any finessing! Smiling woman outdoors

So How Do You Let Your Skin Breathe? 

You’ve probably guessed the answer to this by now; step away from the makeup bag! Avoiding cosmetics is the best way to let your skin breathe. If you’re not comfortable or interested in foregoing your makeup altogether, you can ditch the foundation and keep the rest. 

To take your skin detox to the next level, we recommend practicing a lymphatic massage (using a  nourishing C-serum ). This gets blood flowing and helps your skin get rid of any buildup that’s not helping you glow. 

This is also a great time to exfoliate, which removes dull, dead skin cells and reveals the fresh and healthy skin underneath. 

Should I Stop My Skincare When I’m Letting My Skin Breathe?

Nope, this is not the time to stop caring for your skin with high quality, natural products. Like we’ve mentioned, it’s actually the best time to use your products, since there’s a chance they can sink deeper into your skin and produce better results. 

Plus, using nutrient-dense skincare products can give your skin a natural glow, so you may not be interested in returning to your makeup after all. 

We’ve formulated our  4 step facial  set to be perfect for anyone who’s letting their skin get some much-needed breathing time. These products contain everything your skin needs to flourish, and absolutely nothing it doesn't. 

We keep all of our skincare cold, so we can avoid using the toxic preservatives that you’re trying to detox from in the first place. We highly recommend giving it a try and letting us know what you think. Happy breathing!

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