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Chrysalis: Kinesiology Face Tape, Natural Alternative for Frownies and Wrinkles with Hypoallergenic Materials for Sensitive Skin

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If you’ve spent time investigating treatments for wrinkles and sagging skin, you may be feeling overwhelmed. Many of the options out there, like Botox, are invasive and aren’t a great fit for a natural lifestyle.

Thankfully, you have other options. Chrysalis Kinesiology Face Tape is a safe, natural way to reduce the signs of aging, and you can use it while you sleep.

Formulated with hypoallergenic materials, Chrysalis adheres to your skin without irritating it so that you can wake up with calm skin that's just spent the night being gently coaxed into a new resting position.

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  • Oily
  • Combination
  • Dry
  • Normal
  • Sensitive
Skin Concerns
  • Wrinkles
    Chrysalis: Kinesiology Face Tape, Natural Alternative for Frownies and Wrinkles with Hypoallergenic Materials for Sensitive Skin
    Chrysalis: Kinesiology Face Tape, Natural Alternative for Frownies and Wrinkles with Hypoallergenic Materials for Sensitive Skin
    Mila cutting and applying Wild Ice Chrysalis Kinesiology face tape.
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    What is Chrysalis Kinesiology Face Tape?

    Chrysalis is a specialized kinesiology tape designed for your face and neck.

    It is an adhesive strip that provides a natural alternative to Botox and other invasive therapies.

    Originally invented by Japanese chiropractor and healer Kenzo Kase for muscle and joint pain, we have adapted his design to address facial muscle concerns

    The Benefits of Chrysalis

    • Prevent or reduce wrinkles, jowls, and signs of weakened facial muscles.

    • Teach your muscles a new resting position, resulting in fewer wrinkles and less sagging skin.

    • Lifts your skin, improving lymphatic drainage, reducing swelling and water retention.

    • Made with 100% natural cotton and non-toxic, hypoallergenic glue.

    How to Use Chrysalis Face Tape

    • Prepare and Apply:

      • Cleanse your face and apply skincare products.
      • Cut the Chrysalis tape into four pieces.
      • Apply one piece of tape to your desired spot, removing the backing and applying it without stretching.
    • Enhance and Wait:

      • Apply gentle pressure to the tape, starting at the base and sliding up towards the anchor.
      • Repeat with the remaining pieces of tape.
      • Leave the tape on for three to eight hours, preferably overnight.
    • Removal and Results:

      • Peel off each piece of tape slowly.
      • Admire the results in the mirror.
    face tape roll

    Who Benefits from Chrysalis Face Tape?

    If you would like to try an alternative to Botox or other invasive and potentially toxic therapies, then Chrysalis is the perfect choice. Like any truly effective product, Chrysalis is not going to make you look younger overnight. Instead, it preserves your natural youth and beauty, while gradually reversing wrinkles over time.

    Who Shouldn’t Use Chrysalis?

    Almost everyone can benefit from using Chrysalis. However, if you meet one of the following conditions, we recommend sticking exclusively to our‎‎‏‏‎ ‎natural skincare line instead. 

    1. Your skin is inflamed and/or covered with blemishes. These issues need to be addressed first, then you’re free to use the tape! 
    2. You have a very rare allergy to acrylic glue.
    3. You’ve already used Botox or another neurotoxic protein.

    Applying Chrysalis to the forehead:


    Do your products contain any hidden ingredients?

    Thanks to the magic of cold preservation, our products never contain any unlisted, questionable, or dangerous chemicals such as parabens, sulfates, phthalates, dyes, GMOs, formaldehydes, BPAs, synthetic fragrances and perfumes, synthetic colors, petroleum, mineral oils, propylene glycols or DEAs. We only use high quality, natural, organic or wild-crafted (when available) and sustainably produced ingredients.

    Do I need a cosmetics mini-fridge?

    Our advice is to skip the mini fridge. With skincare, most decay happens well before a product gets into your hands.

    And while cold stops products from breaking down, it can’t reverse decay that’s already occurred.

    What matters is that the products you use arrive in their most potent state, and that you use them promptly and frequently.

    If you feel that you simply must have one then that’s fine too – it certainly won’t hurt. In the event that you accidently freeze a product just be sure to thaw and shake before use.

    Should I chill my Wild Ice products?

    If you use your skincare right out of the box, you do not need to chill it. With typical use it takes about two to three months to go through a full size Wild Ice product which isn't enough time for meaningful decay.

    If you plan to wait a month or more before you start using your products then go ahead and put them in your kitchen refrigerator.

    Refrigerating your Wild Ice skincare will never harm it, but freezing it could damage the bottle.

    If you accidentally freeze your skincare, check the bottle for damage and remember to shake vigorously after thawing as some ingredient separation will have occurred (this is nothing to worry about).

    Do you test any of your products on animals?

    Absolutely not. We have never (and will never) test our products on our animal friends. Apparently this means we will never be sold in China -- so be it. We test on our (willing) human friends instead.

    Are your products vegan?

    Absolutely, our products are always vegan. They never contain tallow or any other animal fats or animal by-products.

    How does face taping help?

    Face taping involves applying adhesive strips to pull back sagging skin, creating a temporary lift. It gives a short-term improvement in appearance but does not address the underlying causes of wrinkles or provide long-lasting results.

    Can kinesiology tape reduce wrinkles?

    There is limited scientific evidence to support the claim that kinesiology tape reduces wrinkles. Some people use it for this purpose, but its effectiveness for wrinkle reduction is not well-established.

    Do face lift tape really work?

    Face lift tapes are temporary solutions that provide a slight lifting effect by pulling back loose skin. They can create a temporary, subtle improvement in appearance, but the results are not comparable to surgical procedures.

    Does kinesiology tape work on face?

    Kinesiology tape is primarily designed for supporting muscles and joints. While it can be used on the face, its effectiveness for cosmetic purposes like reducing wrinkles is debated, and results vary from person to person.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Sussanna I.R. (Gulf Breeze, FL)
    Great facial tape

    First time ever to use facial tape. I was worried I would be lazy to apply it every night but I watched Mila’s videos and I’m getting better in applying it before going to bed. I think it helps me best in Lessing my eye puffiness in the morning when I wake up , also it’s helping with frown lines, I have a small line on one of my brow sides and I believe it’s getting better. Thank you Mila for another great product.

    Seana (Kelowna, BC)
    Fantastic tape!

    Great tape for facial taping! Very grateful for the quality. I had been buying face tape from another company for a couple of years, and then they brought in a different one and it was awful. So I’m so happy to have found Wild Ice face tape. Excellent adhesive, gentle, doesn’t fray. Great product!

    Winifred J. (Pensacola, FL)
    The Tape Works

    I started using this tape about a year ago and I must say it really is a beauty secret. I was a skeptic bc my skin is dry but it is great. It definitely has reduced the signs of aging for me. When I awake in the morning my skin is what I call reset. I use and love all of the Wild Ice products

    SARAH S. (Colorado Springs, CO)
    Looking Good!

    I have been using the tape for about a week. I use it on my cheeks at night and take off in the morning. I see definite improvement in the lines….especially
    when I sleep on one side and its taken away a few wrinkles! Liking it so far.

    Mary J. (Hampton, VA)
    Very happy

    I purchased the Chrysalis Kinesiology Face Tape. It's the best tape I ever used for my face. I will not do Botox and need something natural and non toxic. There are a lot of different facial tapes and I have tried most of them. This definitely gives the best results! Will buy again.

    L.D. (Westminster, SC)

    I’ve been using this product for a week along with the facial exercises and massages. I can already see a difference in my skin. It’s another, more plump and the wrinkles are smoother. Can’t wait to see how I look in 30 days. I’m really pleased so far. The tape doesn’t irritate my skin at all.

    Sarah B. (Havana, FL)
    Love Love Love

    I’ve been using this tape for a little over a week now! It doesn’t bother my skin at all! It makes my skin feel tighter and I can’t wait to see how it makes my skin looks!

    Lidia E. (Rincon, GA)
    Interesting product

    Very interesting product. I’m just started using it. I can feel some changes in the morning. Can’t wait for the results