Shipping & Returns


Have questions about our shipping process? Here are a few good things to know:

Our domestic shipping pricing structure is:

  • $8 for orders of $50 or below
  • $5 for orders between $50 and $75
  • Free for orders of $75 or above

We use this structure to encourage you to bundle your current and anticipated near-future orders to achieve efficient and sustainable shipping practices.

Orders canceled prior to shipment are refunded at no cost.

Orders leave our studio (located just outside of Pensacola, FL) via USPS on Tuesdays and Fridays (excluding holidays when USPS is closed).

Wondering why you have to wait a couple of days for your order to go out? It all comes back to freshness! We make all of our skincare ourselves and often batch products only after they are ordered.

This means you are getting the freshest, most potent skincare possible, instead of something that’s been sitting on the shelf for months. Trust us, it’s worth the wait!

An order received by noon (CST) the day prior to a ship day will generally go out the following day, while orders received later may go out on the subsequent ship day.

You will receive a tracking number as soon as your package ships.


If you have an issue with a product please reach out to us at

Let us know which product you would like to return, and please describe why the product was not to your satisfaction.

We will refund you up to 70% of your purchase price for the product(s) you aren't satisfied with.

We use this number because it helps us avoid malicious purchasers. Malicious purchasers drive the prices up for everyone else because they force businesses to increase product costs to cover such losses.

We have found that a 70% refund policy fully eliminates malicious purchasers, which has allowed us to maintain what we believe is the best value-to-price ratio in the industry.


For international customers who want to save, we offer our international build-a-box feature where you can save up to 30% off your total order value.

We ship via DHL 2-3 Day Express to more than 180 countries all over the world.

Rates, taxes, and duties (if applicable) are calculated at checkout and handled by Global-e.

Also note that returns are not accepted for international customers. If you have a problem with your product please reach out to us at and we will do everything in our power to make it right.

For some international customers certain products may not be available for purchase (depending on customer location) due to import restrictions of those countries. Such product pages will appear to be blank, cannot be added to cart, and cannot be purchased at checkout.

And finally, subscription boxes are not available for international customers due to regulatory and software limitations. That's why we offer our convenient build-a-box page for the benefit of our international customers.