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Laurel: Silver-Infused Aleppo Body Bar

  • We're thrilled to once more offer the bar that started it all.

    Years ago when we first began, our one (and only) product was Laurel: an ideal body bar filled with abundant unsaponified oils working to replace your skin's natural oils lost during washing.

    Silver - nature's microbicide - preserves and protects the bar, and your skin.

    We stay true to the luxury Aleppo formula with 17% Laurel Oil in every bar.

    Great for shaving due to the presence of abundant unsaponified oils.

    Not just another soap, but a new take on the way soap should be. There's truly nothing else like it.

Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Tina S. (San Pablo, CA)

The Body Bar is the best you can use for your skin. It doesn’t feel like you are washing or cleansing your skin, it feels like the softest gentle foam, leaving your skin hydrated, fresh, and pampered. This is worth every penny!!!!!

Winifred J. (Pensacola, FL)

I love this soap it is all I use anymore. It has a nice fresh scent and keeps my skin from drying out. It also last a longer than other soap I use.

Sasha W. (Oswego, IL)
Amazing soap !

I have been using the laurel silver soap for a couple weeks now and I feel so clean and never dry every time I use it ! I am expecting a baby in December and this soap is perfect for me and my baby right now with no chemicals and no leaving dryness and am very excited and relaxed that I will be able to use it in both me and baby when he arrives into the world too ! Thank you Mila for all your knowledge and traditions. Many blessings.

Anna (Ripley, MS)
Favorite way to shower!

I love this “soap”! It makes my skin feel clean but moisturized too. Lots of bars make skin feel itchy or funky this just leaves me feeling clean but moisturized at the same time. That’s a hard combo!

Donna E. (New Orleans, LA)

Laurel: Silver-Infused Aleppo Body Bar

Elizabeth M. (Orlando, FL)
Body bars

I love the body bars!🤗❤️
They keep my skin feeling soft and clean.
I highly recommend them specially if you dry skin.

Teresa H. (Pensacola, FL)

I ordered 10 bars for myself and gifts this past Christmas. I’ve received many positive comments on the soap. Everyone loved it! One person uses it to bath her infant daughter because of it’s pure ingredients. I use it all over including my face - it’s great! I just ordered 10 more bars. Each bar lasts a long time - I just keep them on hand to give as gifts.

Donna Y. (Mooresville, IN)
Great gift idea!

Giving products from Wild Ice, a " go to" idea for those who have everything,;yet need the best of everything!

J.H. (Vero Beach, FL)
Love love love

This soap is so wonderful! I have been using it for a few weeks now and it has subsided irritation that I got from a fragranced soap and it has begun to clear up scars on my body too!!

Harriet B. (Lexington, KY)
Delicious, luxurious soap

Have used this for face and body. Both my husband and I love this soap. It has a rich lather and leaves my skin feeling moisturized but clean. Worth it.