The One And Only Cold-Preserved Skincare

Cryo-C Glow Serum

Vitamin C That's Practically Fresh-Squeezed

The One And Only Cold-Preserved Skincare

Gaea's Gala Facial Toner

Frost-Sealed Ferment for Balanced Brilliance

The One And Only Cold-Preserved Skincare

Memoir of a Frozen Flower Perfume

Spring's Snowmelt Bouquet Frozen in Time

The One And Only Cold-Preserved Skincare

B-Meltee Facial Cleanser

Your Chill Cleanse for Crystal Clarity

The One And Only Cold-Preserved Skincare

7 Winters Collagen Treatment

Sub-Zero to Hero: Freeze Lines & Plump Prime

The One And Only Cold-Preserved Skincare

Berry Boreal Body Oil

Clean Caress from Your North Pole to Your South
No Harsh Preservatives

Why Choose Skincare Preserved With Cold?

  • Gentler

    Toxic chemical preservatives are left out of the bottle, and off of your skin.

  • More Potent

    Cold preservation means delicate active ingredients are kept intact.

  • Healthier

    Micronutrients remain bioavailable, just like fresh produce in your fridge.

  • Cleaner

    Ingredients don't react in the bottle, so harmful sensitizers don't form.

why we chill

wild ice botanicals

That's Why We Chill ✼

You shouldn't expect an aged product to keep your skin looking youthful.

That's why Wild Ice is chilled until the moment of sale -- so that products are fresh, potent, and effective.

Just like you chill healthy produce to keep all the nutrients intact, we chill to maintain the delicate actives and antioxidants your skin craves.

Mila Founder of Wild Ice Botanicals

"A quality skincare product costs money because it's expensive to make.

A poor skincare product costs money because it's expensive to market."

-Mila, Founder, Wild Ice Botanicals

★★★★★ 5-star ratings from more than 1,000 reviews

post pre cancer
floating bottles

Pure Excellence!

After getting home and putting them to use over the last 2 weeks I can confidently say I absolutely love this brand!!! I’ve even been getting a lot of compliments on my skin which is the ULTIMATE goal when it comes to a new skin care regimen.

McKenna V.

Post pre-cancer

After a 30 day pre-cancer treatment that was recommended by my dermatologist, I had scabs and sores all over my face. I wanted my face healed quickly. Thanks to this entire line my face healed quickly, and stayed moisturized. My skin never cracked. Each product connected to the other to help me get my face back to normal. A big thank you.


Acne spot treatment

I have been using the acne spot treatment for about a week now and I love it. I have spent years using different creams and washes to try and get rid of my blemishes. I have never seen a product clear my face up this amazing before!!! When I met with Mila I noticed her skin is blemish free, so smooth and shiny. I had to try it. She is very sweet and walked me through the process of using her product. I knew this product would help… I cannot wait to try her other products!!! Thank you Mila!!

Brittany m.

Why Cold Matters: Us vs Them

  • Wild Ice Cold-Preserved Skincare

    ✓ Fresh & natural cold-preserved ingredients

    ✓ Delicate actives kept intact & effective

    ✓ Premium ingredients stay premium

    ✓ Formula made is formula delivered

  • Typical Shelf-Stable Skincare

    ✗ Harsh synthetic chemical preservatives

    ✗ Efficacy degraded long before arrival

    ✗ Premium price for stale actives

    ✗ Anti-oxidants decay, sensitizers form

Before & After

beforebefore pic

resultsbefore picture

Skincare routine results with Wild Ice after only 6 weeks. Images unsolicited.

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  • Cleanse

    Melt away the day with this revitalizing cleanser. B-Meltee’s wintergreen-infused formula gently dissolves impurities and prepares your skin for the rest of your routine. You’ll start to crave its cooling tingle--like a fresh-brushed teeth feeling for your face.

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  • Resurface

    Here at Wild Ice, the only thing we love more than good skincare is a cozy night in. So we formulated Yuki-Onna with spa-worthy ingredients for the full facial experience: in your pajamas.

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  • Plump

    7 Winters has a whopping 35 vitamins, minerals and amino acids that nourish your skin at the cellular level. Your skin has support to rebuild itself, so you look youthful and glowy—naturally.

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  • Tone

    We’ve formulated Gaea’s Gala with plenty of this vitamin- and mineral-rich yeast. The result: a toner that does a whole lot more than just balance your skin’s pH. (Though it does a great job of that, too.)

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  • Nourish

    Get glowier by the day. Cryo-C is our freshly cold preserved lipid-soluble vitamin C serum that nourishes and illuminates your skin with every use.

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  • Protect

    Formulated with an anti-aging ceramide complex, smoothing chamomile and a collagen-boosting peptide blend, D.B.T. Baba Yaga is your secret weapon to combat signs of aging, even out your complexion, and shrink your pores.

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B-Meltee: Wintergreen and Vitamin B Cooling Facial Cleanser
Yuki-Onna Facial: Three Seed and White Willow Restorative Mask
7 Winters Collagen Tripeptide Plumping Hydration Treatment
Cold-Preserved Glow Serum: Vitamin C & Sea Buckthorn - Cryo-C for Radiant Skin
D.B.T. Baba Yaga: Siberian Cold Cream Therapy For Face, Neck, and Eyes
Cold Preserved
Chemical Free
Cruelty Free