Why choose skincare preserved with cold?

- It's simple -

You keep your healthiest foods here...

Fridge filled with natural products.Fridge filled with natural products.

...because cold keeps natural ingredients fresh.


Cold preserves by gently inhibiting all three types of breakdown:

  • REDOX REACTIONS: The transfer of electrons between molecules.

    #1 Redox Reactions

    The transfer of electrons between two or more atoms

  • ENZYMATIC ACTIVITY: The molecular breakdown catalyzed by natural enzymes present in plant oils.

    #2 Enzymatic Activity

    Molecular breakdown catalyzed by natural enzymes from plant oils

  • BACTERIAL DIGESTION: When bacteria “eat” ingredients and produce waste.

    #3 Bacterial Digestion

    When bacteria “eat” ingredients and produce waste

Beauty industry preservatives inhibit only #3: Bacterial Digestion

Wild Ice Jar inside ice cube.

It's why we chill:

Avoid harsh chemical preservatives to help keep your endocrine system disruption-free, ensuring your body's natural hormonal balance remains untouched.

Prevent new compounds from forming into sensitizers so your skin takes two steps forward without taking one step back, fostering a resilient and thriving skin barrier.

Preserve delicate actives such as peptides and ceramides from decay to empower your skin’s natural healing and regeneration process, keeping your complexion youthful and radiant.

Keep antioxidants from oxidizing to protect your skin at the cellular level, preventing environmental stressors from dulling your natural glow.

Just as fresh produce is healthy produce, the same holds true for skincare.

Mini-fridge for skin-care products.

It's also why others are selling these.

Beauty fridges for skincare collections are all the rage.

They validate what we all already know: that there is no fresh without cold. And there is no potency without fresh.

As ingredients break down they degrade and form unintended compounds, including harmful sensitizers.

A clean formula not chilled isn’t clean for long.

And while mini-fridges are cool, they can't undo decomposition. Most product breakdown occurs in:

  • RETAIL: Products sit on shelving at room temp (or worse), decomposing for months to years.


    Products sit on display at room temperature (or warmer), decomposing for months, and often years.



    Example: Fulfillment by Amazon requires sellers agree that products may sit in 155°F heat indefinitely.

  • FREIGHT: Shipping containers commonly used to cross-level inventory reach temps 30 °F over ambient.


    Shipping containers and truck beds can reach temps well over 30°F hotter than the outdoor air.

We're chilled. From start to finish.

  • D.B.T. Baba Yaga: Your skin is velvety, protected and illuminated.

    D.B.T. Baba Yaga

    Your skin is velvety, protected and illuminated.

  • floating wild ice


    Build your glow over time, so you look more radiant with every use.

  • BERRY BOREAL BOD: A moisturizing serum that goes beyond hydration.


    Purifies and prepares skin for the rest of your ritual.

  • wild ice floating

    Berry Boreal Bod

    A moisturizing serum that goes beyond hydration.

Meet the Iceberg.

Meet the Iceberg.

We're so fanatical about cold preservation that we require retailers to carry our line in custom chilled displays.

So your skincare is kept cold from the moment it's made until the moment you take it home.

cyro c serum

Little monuments to adorn your space -

In a world of generic round glass or leeching plastic containers, we dare to do different.

Crafted of uniquely (ice) cube shaped glass and wood, our enclosures not only represent our values, but serve as little monuments of natural beauty to adorn your space.

And when you're finished you can simply recycle the glass and let the wood caps contribute to carbon sequestration.

Common Questions

  • Stylized thermometer icon.

    Do I need to refrigerate?

    Only if you won't begin using your products when they arrive. Used as described, Wild Ice products will run out after about 90 days of use. Damaging decomposition takes longer.

  • Stylized airplane icon.

    Can they travel with me?

    Yes! Whether you discover Wild Ice while home or away, we hope you will take us with you on your journey. All of our products are within the TSA's boarding limit for carry-on liquids.

  • Stylized icon of retail shop.

    Do you allow stockists?

    Absolutely! As noted above, we do require all stockists display Wild Ice products in our chilled "Iceberg" display. Head on over to our contact us page if you're interested in applying.

Have more questions?

Visit our FAQ page where we answer them all.


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If you're new to Wild Ice you're probably wondering where to begin. Tap the button below and we'll gladly walk you through our line.