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This stuff is amazing! My daughters face has cleared dramatically since using!

A Scent for All Seasons

I don't wear a lot of perfumes or fragrance sprays, as I'm sensitive to many due to the chemicals and additives they sometimes contain. But this clean fragrance, Memoir of a Frozen Flower, is not at all irritating even when sprayed directly on delicate skin. The scent is complex (lime, cedar, and bamboo is a perfect blend with lily of the valley) and though a somewhat light scent overall, it has good staying power and a dry-down that remains true to the quality ingredients. The top, middle and base notes, which includes wood and green scents as well as citrus, are perfectly balanced - feminine enough for a night out but subtle enough to wear in the workplace.


I am in my 50’s and have tried many facial products in my life. I really like this one for its clean feel, nice natural fragrance and the consistency is light and absorbs well. It’s an adorable shade of pink and is a pleasure to use!

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Nikki S. (Pensacola, FL)

I absolutely love every product Mila has! Best skincare line ever!

It’s Amazing

I have used various Vitamin C serums and this one checks a lot of boxes. It smells great, it gives a healthy glow, it has beautiful packaging, the price is good and you know it’s good for you with no preservatives or ingredients that are questionable for safety.

I haven’t seen a big difference in my skin

Excited to try this new product! As with all Wild Ice products, my skin looks and feels great! This swum goes on well (and you only need a little) and my skin looks amazing! Glad I purchased it to add to my Wild Ice regime!

4 Step Facial Set
Andrea S. (Marietta, GA)
Just Get It

I’m on my 3rd set of Mila’s line and honestly I love everything about it from the performance, smell, packaging, safety and pricing. She was always one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met and I miss seeing her face at the Rosemary Farmer’s Market but I am enjoying seeing her success in other ways. I follow along on her social media accounts and it always puts a smile on my face!

Natural skincare 🤩🤩🤩 FINALLY!!!!!!

I have been using wild ice for about a month now and I am definitely obsessed. From the cleanser to the 7 winters serum I am definitely hooked. I have extremely sensitive skin and these products have only improved my skin to where I no longer have to wear foundation! I Love these products!

Rarify Refining Acne Spot Treatment
Emilee H. (Orlando, FL)
Blest blemish treatment

I have super sensitive skin and I love this blemish treatment! Takes away the redness and it’s so healing. A must have.

Refreshing Facial Cleanser

I love this cleanser. My face feels clean and cool without drying my skin. I follow up with the Gaea's Gala toner and Baba Yaga moisturizer to keep my skin in top condition. I am new to the Wild Ice products and look forward to trying the 7 Winters Plumping Hydration Treatment next.

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Maury H. (Plainview, TX)

Loving wild ice products.

Great refresher!

This toner feels great in my morning and evening 4 step routine. And I also spritz it as a midday refresher. Wonderful!

Cryo-C magic

This month I tried yet another product in this skincare line - Cryo-C. I love the gentle herbal smell of the product. It goes on smoothly and absorbs into the skin in just the right amount of time so I don’t feel like a greaseball before bed. I will definitely order it again.

Put it on autoship

I see s7ch a remarkable difference using this product regularly. I'm hooked. It's at the top of her products for me.

Best scrub

Love everything about this skin line. This scrub leaves my skin smooth, soft and a nice glow. And the smell of strawberries is just enough.

4 Step Facial Set
Martha D. (Chicago, IL)
Wild Ice 4 Step Routine

I love the way my skin looks and feels. I wanted to try the entire steps process after using a few of the products individually and I am very pleased with the results. Morning and evening routine is easy and feels great. Thanks Wild Ice!

Wild Ice is the only way

I bought the completely kit after trying a few products! Little did I know…this would be one of my new favorite parts of the day! My skin craves this stuff!

The BEST Vitamin C Serum

Cryo-C is the first product I tried from Wild Ice! It has completely transformed my skin over the last 5 months! It feels and smells amazing as well!

Baba Yaga

This cold cream is amazing!! I can actually feel is soothing my dry skin as soon as I put it on! 10/10 from me!!

Face glows!

This mask feels good, smells good and my skin looks amazing after I use it


I love this stuff! Other toner type products have either always burned or left my skin feeling dry. This does neither! My face feels hydrated and refreshed.

Three Seed Mask

Love it Mila...but I love everything!! Keep doing what you're doing! Your products are beautiful and so wonderful!!!!🥰

I would recommend this product, as I would ALL Wild Ice products- excellent brand and overall skin changes are in progress since beginning daily use 2-3 months ago.

So light!

I love this product. It’s so light and feels great but still leaves skin feeling hydrated. And it smells great with out feeling perfume like.