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 Mila hanging out with her daughter Abigail

I grew up under communism, where everyone had the same things. If you wanted a specialty item, you made it yourself or traded with someone who did.

Skincare was one such luxury. So we made it out of garden fruits and vegetables, based on generations-old folk recipes.

As a result of these experiences, I grew up with an appreciation for what has become Wild Ice’s three guiding principles:

  1. Natural ingredients
  2. Affordability and
  3. Efficacy

When I immigrated to New York, these parameters were how I searched for skincare products for myself—before I had my own line—but I never found anything that satisfied all three.

I was determined to do something about that. So I began the company you see today, complete with our own production studio where we craft the products from scratch.

In 2018, we began chilling our ingredients in big refrigerators. We figured that if we refrigerate the healthy foods we eat, we should do the same for the healthy ingredients in our skincare. And the science we studied on cold preservation backed that up.

It seemed like such an obvious move that we didn’t mention it to customers, until positive reviews began to pour in. After that, we committed to keeping our products chilled forevermore. 

Soon, we were invited to sell our skincare to a major retailer, but the retailer wouldn’t agree to keeping our products chilled in their stores. So we withdrew ourselves from consideration, because we’ll never sacrifice quality for growth. 

Today we take great pride in being something special. Instead of big retailers, we work with small boutiques who commit to chilling our products until the moment of sale. And our custom glass and wood bottles  show the same passion for the planet as our organic and wild-crafted ingredients. 

We create small batches and securely ship our products without unsustainable shredded paper, bubble wrap, or styrofoam peanuts. But you’ll also find us selling our skincare in person at open-air markets along the Emerald Coast, because we’re still a small family business.

In the end it’s all about family. And when you choose to make Wild Ice the heart of your own beauty ritual, then that’s exactly what you deserve to be called.

Yours cooly, 

Mila and the Wild Ice team