Become A Wild Ice Stockist

Whether you’re a spa looking to incorporate Wild Ice into your services or a boutique looking to get into the rapidly growing cold-preserved skincare market – you’ve come to the right place.

On this page we will briefly outline the process for becoming a Wild Ice stockist, what to expect from us, and our recommended spa protocol.

Seek Approval

The first step to becoming a Wild Ice stockist is to reach out to us at letting us know that you are interested in stocking Wild Ice products. Please include your business’ name and location, your position within the business, and the number of locations you wish to stock (if more than one).

Be sure to include any other information relevant to your business. For example, if you offer spa services and are interested in incorporating Wild Ice then let us know that. Include anything about your business that stands out as making it a good fit for Wild Ice.

Onboarding Steps

Assuming your business is a good fit for Wild Ice, we will approve you and proceed with the onboarding process. The steps for onboarding are as follows:

  1. You will create an account at Wild Ice using your business email address here: Please let us know when this step is complete.
  2. Once you inform us that you have created a business account, we will then tag the account for wholesale purchases, which unlocks wholesale and tax-free purchasing.
  3. You will place your initial wholesale order, which must include at least 36 bottles and 16 jars in any combination (including up to two free bottles and one free jar to be used as display samples). Generally, wholesale prices are 50% off of listed retail prices. Currently we offer only jar and bottle products for stockists (i.e. soaps, tapes and gua sha stones are not offered).
  4. Prior to our fulfilling your initial order, you will need to prepare a table that is adequate for supporting the Iceberg chilled display. The table’s top surface must be between 29” and 36” high, at least 21” wide by 21” deep, and capable of supporting at least 130 lbs without issue.
    1. If a typical adult can sit on it, this is a good strength test. Note that we do not recommend glass tables.
    2. A wooden option we recommend can be ordered here (paintable to match the Iceberg or your interior décor if desired):
    3. A metal option we recommend can be found here (although there are many color options, we do recommend white):
  5. Once you have a table ready, kindly send us a picture of your setup and we will then ship you the Iceberg. As of now we are shipping Icebergs at our expense and are not charging a fee for their use. However, we request that you keep the packing materials so that the unit can be easily returned to us should that become necessary at a future date.
  6. Once the Iceberg is set up, kindly send us a picture of the setup and we will fulfill your initial wholesale order. Your wholesale order will include two large Wild Ice decals to place on your Iceberg. Please use the wet method to apply the decals in order to avoid air bubbles.
  7. Note that if you are located within 200 miles of Pensacola, Florida we may choose to deliver the Iceberg and your initial order ourselves.
  8. At any point between steps 4 and 7, you should schedule a 30 minute call with us in order to learn more about Wild Ice products, their use protocols, and to answer any remaining questions.
  9. After this initial onboarding process, re-ordering is as simple as visiting our website, logging into your wholesale account, and placing your order. There are no maximum or minimum order limitations on replenishment orders.

Spa Protocol

We are presently working on releasing larger 16 oz products for back-bar use at spas. If you are interested in incorporating Wild Ice into your own spa please follow the onboarding steps listed above. We do require spas using Wild Ice products in their services to also offer Wild Ice for sale either near the checkout counter or in the waiting/reception area. Note that products must be offered in one of those areas (i.e. not in a treatment or spa room).

The Wild Ice Professional Strength Collagen Tripeptide Treatment is our recommended protocol for spas, and is as follows:

Prepare skin for treatment:

  1. Cleanse skin to remove dirt and makeup with B-Meltee cleanser. Apply 7 pumps of cleanser to the face, neck and décolleté to perform a cleansing massage, adding water as needed. Gently remove the cleanser with a lukewarm towel.
  2. Gently exfoliate with Yuki-onna facial mask. Apply a thin layer of mask with a brush to the face, neck and décolleté. Allow the client to relax for 10 minutes. Use a steamer if necessary. Massage for 30 seconds in circular motions, then remove the mask with a lukewarm towel.

Nourish and calm:

  1. Spritz 7 Winters professional collagen treatment 7 times between palms, then press onto client’s face, neck and décolleté. Let the client know that they may feel a slight tingling sensation, lasting about a minute or two. Leave on for 5 minutes.
  2. Press Cryo-C vitamin C serum onto face, neck and décolleté, then perform a facial massage for approximately 10 minutes.

Repair and protect:

  1. Repair with D.B.T. Baba Yaga cold cream therapy. Apply one pump of cream to the orbital area of eyes and massage for 1 minute along the orbicularis oculi muscle from the inner circle to the outer circle. Then apply 5 pumps of cream to the face, neck and décolleté.
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Simplicity Without Being Simple

I am really impressed. At just over 50 years old, I really appreciate a simple, clean, & effective skin regimen. This is it. Brava!

4 Step Facial Set
Cami N. (Charlotte, NC)

my husband and I could not have more different types of skin in this works like a charm for both of ours. This is the best that our skin has ever looked each! We are so thankful!

Simplicity Without Being Simple

Power punch of natural and organic ingredients with stellar results and a lovely smell to boot! Both my husband & I are using and will continue forthwith.


My face and neck appear smoother and less dehydrated looking after just a couple weeks of usage. Can't wait to see after a couple months.

Good balance

Ive just started using this line. The Baba Yaga is a good balance between good lasting moisture and absorbing in nicely so no heavy feel. I have aging skin so need moisture without the heaviness. This will be perfect going into warmer weather. And quite possibly all year!

Amazing product

I have gotten so many compliments on my skin since starting Cryo C and will definitely order again! Love all my products from Mila!

Eyecicle Fine Lines & Puffiness Reduction Serum
Sussanna I.R. (Gulf Breeze, FL)
The perfect eye serum

I love this eye serum, and its fresh smell. I like the feel of it on the area around my eyes. I have stopped using any eye cream/ serum for years cause it causes my eyes and eyelids to puff when I wake up in the morning but not this one thanks to its natural ingredients and the integrity of the manifacturing process, it preserves the quality and freshness of the product. Thank you Mila ❤️

Best Products!!

I have extremely sensitive dry and aging skin. This is the best skincare I have ever used. Love everything I've tried so far and can't wait to try more.

Excellent products

The skin care products are fabulous make your skin feel and look good

Build Your Own Subscription Box & Save
L.R. (Pensacola Beach, FL)

I have every product in this line and love it!! I started with the four product set and my fave is the vitamin c oil! They are all great! I added products every few weeks! The masque makes my skin look so polished!! The body oil smells heavenly!! Great line!! Ty!!

Build Your Own Subscription Box & Save
Gabrielle A. (Holden, ME)
THE BEST!! Hormonal acne, who?

As someone who struggles with hormonal acne, I cannot express how much I LOVE these products! I've been religiously using them in the AM/PM and I've already noticed a change in 1 week. I already have softer skin, visibly less wrinkles/puffiness/acne and overall healthier looking skin.

Love this Product!

So happy to find a product that reduces my fine lines and eye puffiness! It works so well.

A Must have!!

This is the perfect addition to my skincare routine. I love how hydrating it has made my skin and has even given me that extra glow!

I love this mask!

This beautiful mask made my face glowy and my skin seemed new and fresh! It left ime feeling truly like I just had a facial. I highly recommend it!

Rarify Refining Acne Spot Treatment
Tatiana A. (Seville, AN)

Rarify Refining Acne Spot Treatment

Favorite Cleanser

This is my favorite cleanser ever! Leave my face feeling clean but not dried out like many products do. Plus it smells great!

Loving the Baba

I am really enjoying this product!! It goes on so smooth and absorbs quickly! I love how soft my face and neck are! I would highly recommend this product!! I also really enjoy the vitamin C product as well! I don’t have dry skin and it makes my skin feel so soft!!

I was on vacation in Florida and found Memoirs of a Frozen Flower perfume in a little boutique. I fell in love with the scent and have been ordering it and other Wild Ice products ever since! I'm so glad I walked into that boutique because I absolutely love all the products!!!!!


I love the travel sizes and pop them in the frig on hotel stays. Carry along the petite gala in my bag for a little refresher during the day. Yay!

7 Winter Collagen, yes

The product does as it is supposed to. I am a happy camper with 7 Winters Collagen.

Love it1

I bought this as soon as it came out. Overall products for women are filled with cancer causing, hormone disrupting ingredients. Thankfully, there are companies like Wild Ice Botanicals. All of the products have great ingredients created by Mother Nature. This perfume smells wonderful. I can enjoy wearing it knowing I am not causing any harm to my body. Thank you for a wonderful perfume. P.S. My husband loves it too!


The Cryo-C helps the skin look refreshed. My skin no longer looks tired and dry.

Saved my skin!

I work in a lab where the air is so dry that my skin often cracks and peels which can be painful. This is the ONLY cream that did not burn or sting when applied. Within a few days my skin felt much less raw and more moisturized and calm. I’m honestly surprised how well this cream worked!

Great Product

Great product that makes my skin feel great. Would definitely recommend

Wild Ice Cryo-C

All of the product products that I have bought from wild ice have been incredible. I’ve noticed a big difference in my skin. My pores are less visible, I hardly have any more breakouts, and my skin is more plump. I am a new fan.