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Why we chill ✼

  • cool skincare

    Preserve Potency

    Chilling inhibits all three types of product breakdown — Redox Reactions, Enzymatic Activity, and Bacterial Digestion.

    This ensures that your skincare products stay potent and effective until the moment of sale, maintaining their efficacy over time.

  • skincare fridge

    Freshness Matters

    Just like fresh produce is healthier for your body, fresh skincare is healthier for your skin.

    In the same way fruit you pick straight from the vine has the most nutrients, freshly-formulated, cold-preserved skincare is the most nourishing for your skin.

  • wild ice products

    Pure and Safe Formulas

    Skincare products contain valuable ingredients that can break down over time, resulting in reduced potency and the formation of allergens, including harmful sensitizers.

    It's all about preserving the efficacy, purity, and safety of our products, so you can experience the full benefits of our natural skincare without compromising on quality.


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