Droplet Rewards

A Droplet is our name for a reward point. We call them Droplets because we worked them out to be equivalent in value to an average drop of one of our products. This anchors them to something real, which makes them that much more fun.

To get started, all you need is a store account - we take care of the rest! 😊 Click the droplet 💧 widget in the lower right hand corner of the screen to earn Droplets in exchange for social sharing, referrals, signing up to our newsletter, purchases and reviews.

When you're ready to spend, you'll use the widget to select a reward to redeem, which then generates a coupon code

Ways to Collect Droplets

  • Each $1 Spent

    1 droplet

  • Share on Twitter

    15 Droplets

  • Like on Facebook

    30 Droplets

  • Share on Facebook

    30 Droplets

  • Write a Product Review

    50 Droplets

  • Celebrate a Birthday

    50 Droplets

  • Follow on Instagram

    75 Droplets

  • Place First Order

    100 Droplets

  • Sign Up / Subscribe

    100 Droplets

  • Submit Before & After Pics

    200 Droplets

  • Submit a Video Review

    300 Droplets

  • Refer a Friend

    300 Droplets

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Ways to Spend Droplets

$5 Off Coupon: 200

$10 Off Coupon: 300

$15 Off Coupon: 400

$20 Off Coupon: 500

$25 Off Coupon: 600

$30 Off Coupon: 700

$50 Off Coupon(best value)1000

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Answers to Common Questions

How do I submit before and after pics?

Great question! We created a handy guide just to answer this question. This is a brand new program so please take advantage of it while it lasts!

How do I submit a video review?

Just take a quick one minute vid (longer if you want) of your beautiful face holding at least one Wild Ice product (doesn't have to be up the whole time) and talk about what it's done for your skin (as well as any other of our products that you use). That's it! Holding the phone horizontally is preferred (widescreen style, not vertically). Then upload the vid to YouTube (you can set it to unlisted) and e-mail a link to reviews@wildicebotanicals.com with "Video Review" in the subject line. Easy!

Do I have to remember a code, or save something?

You don't have to do a thing. We save everything on our end; any time you make a purchase we add a Droplet per dollar spent, and any time you leave a product review we add 50 Droplets per review. Likewise any time you use the Droplet widget to social share or to generate a referral we reward you with droplets and save your balance for you. In this way, Droplets are much more convenient than discount codes.

Will I know when I earn enough Droplets for a new discount or free product?

Yes - in addition to being able to easily check your Droplets using the Droplet  widget in the lower right corner, we'll also send a little reminder to the email address associated with your store account. You'll never miss an opportunity to save.

Do Droplets expire?

No. Droplets never expire. In addition to social sharing and referrals, you'll earn Droplets for every purchase you make, so don't forget to either sign up before you buy, or create a store account at checkout 💃

What's the difference between Droplets and standard discount codes?

Most importantly, Droplets accumulate. While there's no way to use multiple discount codes at checkout, Droplets will pool into ever-greater numbers and ever-greater discounts.

I have Droplets, how do I redeem them?

To spend Droplets:  If you're not logged into your store account, you will need to log in first. Once logged in, click the floating droplet widget in the lower right corner. From there, click "all rewards," and you'll see the word "redeem" next to any reward you are eligible for. Simply click the "redeem" button and copy the coupon code provided, then enter it as your discount code at checkout. If the code is for a discounted product, you must have that product in your cart in order for the code to work. You can apply one code per checkout. Note that if you don't enter the code at checkout it will be saved for you to use at any future purchase.

When can I use the Droplets that I earn from store purchases?

On top of social sharing, you earn 1 Droplet per $1 spent. As soon as you check out, those Droplets will be credited and can be used towards your next purchase.

I used two different email addresses so now I have Droplets under two store accounts. Can I combine them from both store accounts?

For security reasons we can't combine store accounts. We encourage you to use your best email address, one you will have for a long time after you sign up - that way you never need to worry about lost Droplets.