Thinking you may want to shop our line, but need a little help deciding what to prioritize? We created this page to do just that.

Still on the fence? First learn why cold matters, then have your questions answered and peruse our customer reviews before heading back here.

In this brief guide we'll run through our line—but don't worry, it's a very manageable list.

Since there's no cold-preserved production house for us to outsource to, we stick to offering high quality essentials while keeping a tight list for fresh in-house production.

Be sure to make it to the end where we answer some common questions. Without further ado, let's begin:

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Common questions:

Do you offer any promos or ways for new customers to save?

Yes! We offer four easy ways to save:

1. New customers can sign up to our email list by tapping the floating tab (bottom middle on mobile, top left on desktop) and you'll receive a 15% discount code to save on your first order (check your spam/promotions box).

2. If your first order includes a full size Cryo-C, D.B.T. Baba Yaga, and B-Meltee, we'll pay you for your before and after pics. Simply follow our Essentials Routine (or better) for six weeks. See our offer page for details and answers to common questions.

3. After that, you can continue to save by collecting and spending Droplets (our reward points). You'll automatically earn a Droplet per dollar spent (you don't have to do or remember anything), as well as from social sharing and referring new customers. You'll exchange Droplets for discount codes.

4. Build your very own custom subscription box, set the frequency, and save up to 40%. You can reschedule, pause, or cancel any time from your Wild Ice account page, and you'll get an email reminder three days before any recurring charge.

Do I need to chill my products, or buy a skincare fridge?

If you use your skincare right out of the box, you don't need to chill it. With typical use it takes two to three months to go through a full size Wild Ice product which isn't enough time for meaningful degradation.

If you plan to wait a month or more before you start using your products then go ahead and put them in your kitchen refrigerator until you start.

Refrigerating your Wild Ice skincare will never harm it, but freezing it could damage the bottle.

If you accidentally freeze your skincare, check the bottle for damage and remember to shake vigorously after fully thawing as some ingredient separation will have occurred (this is nothing to worry about).

We believe a skincare fridge can offer some benefit for fresh products if you tend to use your products very slowly. Otherwise we'd recommend skipping it and focusing on getting and using the freshest products possible.

In what order do I use them during my routine?

To view our recommended order of use, on mobile tap the triple bar ☰ icon (top left, scroll up slightly if it's hidden), then tap "Products," then tap "Face (In Use Order)" or "Body (In Use Order)" and the products will be listed in their respective use order.

On desktop just hover over the "Products" header (in the main menu) and you'll see the same two lists.

We did it this way to make it easy to reference from any page.

You can also explore our Advanced Routine for a comprehensive guide on where each product fits into the bigger picture. It's not necessary to have every product; instead think of the routine as a way to contextualize each product's use.

Do you have a recommended skincare routine to follow?

Yes, for new customers or those not familiar with habitual skincare we generally recommend starting with our Basic Routine, the perfect intro to the essentials of Wild Ice. If you're brand new we'll even pay for genuine before & after pics.

Those looking for something more comprehensive should check out our Advanced Routine which illustrates how each and every Wild Ice product fits together holistically.

The Advanced Routine is designed for two main purposes:

  1. To provide context for each product's use within a routine, helping you understand how each item contributes to your skin's health.
  2. To illustrate a goal you can build towards as your collection grows, ensuring you know what to do with each product you add.

Starting with just one or two products is perfectly fine, and it's understandable if you're currently using items from other brands. Our goal is for our routines to serve as a flexible framework that supports your skin's needs, allowing for substitutions as needed.

Over time, we hope you'll see the unique benefits of our products and choose to fully integrate Wild Ice into your skincare regimen.

Still have questions?

Visit our FAQ page where we answer them all.