There are just three simple qualifiers for your before & after pics:

  1. You're a new Wild Ice customer (that's the only way we can get "before" pics)
  2. Your first purchase includes full size (non-mini) bottles of Cryo-C, D.B.T. Baba Yaga, and B-Meltee
  3. You follow our Essentials Routine for six weeks

The steps to participate are simple:

  1. Take three indoor "before" pics -- left side, straight on, and right side
  2. Email us the "before" pics at
  3. Follow the Essentials Routine for six weeks
  4. After six weeks, take the same three indoor pics as before (left side, straight on, right side), ideally in the same room with the same lighting
  5. E-mail us the "after" pics at

Once we confirm receipt, we will pay you a refund equal to 30% of your purchase price for the qualifying order 💃

How you'll take them:

How we'll use them:

before pic

before picture

Questions & Answers

  • ❄ Should my eyes be open or closed?

    Either is fine! Just be consistent. So if your eyes are open in one, they should be open in all. If they're closed in one, they should be closed in all.

  • ❄ Should I take them indoors or outdoors?

    It's easier to keep lighting consistent indoors, so we recommend taking them inside, ideally in the same room with the same lights on.

  • ❄ What angle should the side pics be?

    They can be either 90° side shots or some other angle, such as 45°. Whatever angle you choose, just try to be consistent, that's more important than the exact angle.

  • ❄ Makeup? Sunglasses? Camera filters?

    If you wear make-up, sunglasses, use camera filters, or anything else that hides your beautiful skin then we won't be able to use your images and can't pay you for the pics.

  • ❄ What if I'm older / have a different skin type / etc. -- can I still participate?

    Yes! We want to showcase benefits to skin texture, tonality, glow and color! All skin types, colors, ages and conditions are welcome!

  • ❄ Can I go for longer than six weeks?

    Absolutely! You can take pics at the 3, 6, 9 and 12 week milestones and send them all our way, that could make for a really cool comparison! Just remember to include at least the 6 week interval :)

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