How We Care For the Planet While Caring For Your Skin

How We Care For the Planet While Caring For Your Skin

Liudmila Busch

At Wild Ice, we’re motivated by love--for both our customers and the planet. After all, we source our nourishing, cold-kept ingredients straight from Mother Earth, so it’s important to treat her with care. 

We’ve developed product packaging unlike any other skincare company on the market so we can be as kind to the environment as possible. (And so you can feel good about what you’re using.) Here are three ways we package our products with the planet in mind. 

Wood Caps for Carbon Sequestration

You probably know by now that carbon emissions are an enormous problem for our planet. In fact, they are one of the biggest contributors to global warming. 

We can help to combat this problem by taking carbon out of the atmosphere and holding it in another form. This way, it doesn’t contribute to climate change. 

This process is called carbon sequestration, and it’s exactly what we’re doing with the wood caps on all of our products. We’re taking carbon in the form of wood and burying it to return carbon to the earth. (This works even if the wood caps aren’t recycled!) 

This process doesn’t just make our products carbon neutral, it makes them net carbon negative. And we’re the only skincare company out there using wood blocks for carbon sequestration in every single product. 

Minimal Plastic Use 

If you’ve used a Wild Ice product, then you know all of our skincare is packaged in beautiful, smooth glass. Not only does it look better on your countertop than a typical plastic bottle, but it’s also much better for the environment. 

Unfortunately, it seems that the skincare industry at large is using more plastic than ever. In fact, the cosmetics industry used  120 billion units  of plastic packaging in 2020. Not only is this not good for the planet, it’s not good for you. 

Microplastics can leach into your skincare and find their way into your skin. Combine this with the fact that scientists are now discovering  microplastics in all human organs  and you have a recipe for illness and disease. No thank you! We’ll stick with glass--for both the earth and ourselves.

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Smart Shipping

Sadly, it’s not just skincare packaging itself that can contribute to waste. The materials that skincare is shipped with can also take a huge toll on the planet. If you’re like us, you cringe every time you see a bunch of plastic bags or styrofoam packing peanuts. We knew there was a better way!

We package our products with 100% recyclable corrugated fiberboard partitions that perfectly fit our square glass products and keep them safe in transit. That way, we don’t need any other fillers that simply end up in a landfill. 

Final Thoughts

So there you have it! Three ways we care for our beautiful planet every time we package our skincare and ship it off to you. We should also mention that because our skincare is all natural and devoid of toxic preservatives, we’re keeping our waterways cleaner every time it’s washed down the drain. 

When you use Wild Ice, you’re doing so much good for the planet--simply by washing your face! To get started with caring for earth and your skin today, we invite you to try our  four step facial set , which saves you 20 percent over buying each product individually. 

Mila Founder of Wild Ice Botanicals

Mila (pronounced 'mee-luh') is the founder of Wild Ice Botanicals, a clean & natural skincare company dedicated to using cold preservation to deliver fresh products free of chemical preservatives so that women of all ages and skin types can confidently look their natural best.