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Mammoth's Tooth: White Jade Gua Sha Stone

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What if we told you you could enjoy a massage and fight the signs of aging all at once? 

Meet Mammoth’s Tooth: a soothing addition to your skincare ritual that leads to big results. 

This Goldilocks-sized gua sha stone is the perfect shape for gliding along your face, relieving tense muscles in the process. Using this smooth little guy is one of the best ways to improve your blood flow, promote lymphatic drainage and encourage toxin removal. 

We design everything at Wild Ice with you in mind. So our stone has two different indentations to accommodate a variety of jaw lines. And we’ve added teeth to make gliding along your hairline a little less snaggly. (Pro tip: you can also use these little teeth to exfoliate, too.) 

Check out the video below for a guide on incorporating this face-sculpting, wrinkle-reducing tool into your routine, then grab one for yourself. We can’t wait to see your results!

Skin Type
  • Oily
  • Combination
  • Dry
  • Normal
  • Sensitive
Skin Concerns
  • Acne & Blemishes
  • Dark Spots
  • Dryness
  • Wrinkles
  • Redness
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    15 Minute Full Gua Sha Face Massage

    The Best Way to Treat Yourself

    • Natural Ingredients

      Fresh, cold-preserved natural ingredients, free from synthetic or harsh chemicals.

    • Efficacy

      Carefully formulated for optimal results, ensuring their efficacy and effectiveness.

    • Sustainability

      Custom glass and wood packaging, reducing environmental impact.

    • Money-Back Guarantee

      Test it for 30 days, if you don't see any results, you get your money back.


    Better Than Any Other

    ✓ Fresh, cold-preserved natural ingredients

    ✓ Carefully formulated for optimal results

    ✓ High-quality products with sustainable production methods

    ✓ Utilizes cutting-edge cold preservation concept

    Wild Ice Skincare Success Stories

    Discover the amazing results achieved by real people who have used Wild Ice skincare products

    Why we chill ✼

    • cool skincare

      Preserve Potency

      Chilling inhibits all three types of breakdown - Redox Reactions, Enzymatic Activity, and Bacterial Digestion.

      This ensures that your skincare products stay potent and effective until the moment of sale, maintaining their efficacy over time.

    • skincare fridge

      Freshness Matters

      Just like how fresh produce is considered healthier, the same holds true for skincare.

      Mini-fridges for skincare collections have become popular because they help maintain the freshness and efficacy of skincare products, and Wild Ice understands the importance of freshness in skincare preservation.

    • wild ice products

      Pure and Safe Formulas

      Ingredients in skincare products can break down over time, losing their potency and forming unintended compounds, including harmful sensitizers.

      A formula that is not chilled may not stay pure for long, as breakdown and unintended compound formation can occur.


    Do your products contain any hidden ingredients?

    Thanks to the magic of cold preservation, our products never contain any unlisted, questionable, or dangerous chemicals such as parabens, sulfates, phthalates, dyes, GMOs, formaldehydes, BPAs, synthetic fragrances and perfumes, synthetic colors, petroleum, mineral oils, propylene glycols or DEAs. We only use high quality, natural, organic or wild-crafted (when available) and sustainably produced ingredients.

    Do I need a cosmetics mini-fridge?

    Our advice is to skip the mini fridge. With skincare, most decay happens well before a product gets into your hands.

    And while cold stops products from breaking down, it can’t reverse decay that’s already occurred.

    What matters is that the products you use arrive in their most potent state, and that you use them promptly and frequently.

    If you feel that you simply must have one then that’s fine too – it certainly won’t hurt. In the event that you accidently freeze a product just be sure to thaw and shake before use.

    Should I chill my Wild Ice products?

    If you use your skincare right out of the box, you do not need to chill it. With typical use it takes about two to three months to go through a full size Wild Ice product which isn't enough time for meaningful decay.

    If you plan to wait a month or more before you start using your products then go ahead and put them in your kitchen refrigerator.

    Refrigerating your Wild Ice skincare will never harm it, but freezing it could damage the bottle.

    If you accidentally freeze your skincare, check the bottle for damage and remember to shake vigorously after thawing as some ingredient separation will have occurred (this is nothing to worry about).

    Do you test any of your products on animals?

    Absolutely not. We have never (and will never) test our products on our animal friends. Apparently this means we will never be sold in China -- so be it. We test on our (willing) human friends instead.

    Are your products vegan?

    Absolutely, our products are always vegan. They never contain tallow or any other animal fats or animal by-products.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Kaylan R. (Warrenville, IL)
    Great product!

    I love this Gua Sha. Not only does the material feel high quality, but I love all of the different shapes and textures. It allows me to really focus on different parts of my face. I pair it with Cryo-C in the mornings when I am at my puffiness and I immediately notice a difference when I am done, especially around my eyes. I love Wild Ice products!

    Erin P. (Lafayette, LA)
    Lovvvvveee It!

    LOVVVEEEE IT! I feel immediately lifted as soon as I finish using it, and it is a wonderful face massage. I feel like I have treated myself, every time I use it.

    Prudence W. (Clarkesville, GA)
    Mammoth’s Tooth

    This is a high quality product! Love it and plan to use it more frequently! Need to watch more of Mila’s awesome videos to make sure I am doing everything correctly! Thanks for making amazing products for beautiful skin!

    Kristen O. (Indianapolis, IN)

    I really like this tool, I see a difference in my complexion.

    AT (Austin, TX)
    Gua Sha

    I’m loving this gua sha! It’s comfortable in my hand, has multiple types of surfaces for carving out your face, and the serrated edges don’t pull my eyebrows or snag my hairline. It’s wonderful!

    Deven W. (Pensacola, FL)
    Love it!

    The White Jade Gua Sha Stone is a beautiful stone and works great for facial-massage for my face and neck.