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Berry Boreal Bod: Two Chamomile and Elderberry Cold Weather Body Oil

  • You’ve got a gorgeous face. But that beautiful body of yours deserves love and protection, too! That’s why we created Berry Boreal Bod, a moisturizing antioxidant serum that nourishes and protects your skin.

    This elderberry-rich oil is designed to coat and penetrate your skin so it stays hydrated for a long time. It’s formulated with amaranthus squalane to hydrate and detoxify and packed with anti-inflammatory calendula and vitamin C for extra protection. Our friends who live in cold weather environments will especially appreciate this serum.

    Dispensing type: Pump Top

    Net Contents: 50 ml; 1.7 fl oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 74 reviews
Anna (Memphis, TN)
Great product

I love this product! Makes my skin feel so moisturized and it’s so light not heavy and oily. I have medical issues which cause me have to take steroids daily so my skin is super dry some days and this helps a lot!

Lauren T. (Macon, GA)
The best oil I have ever used!

I love this product! It is light and not heavy feeling when applied, and it is the most moisturizing oil I have ever used! It leaves a beautiful sheen where I have applied it and my skin has never felt so soft! I have an autoimmune disease that affects my skin and this product has been a life changer for me, thank you, Mila, for creating this wonderful product!!

Winifred J. (Pensacola, FL)
Body Oil Treatmemt

I love this body oil. It is light weight, rich in great nutrients for your body. It only requires 3 or 4 pumps, and it hydrates, adding just the right amount of moisture to my dry skin. It has a fresh and mild scent. Very easy on the nose and to me, It smells good enough to eat. It is also a touch of luxury and my treat.

cindy w.s. (Cantonment, FL)

I love it! Skin looks and feels amazing!

CB (Lafayette, LA)
Didn’t think it could get any better- but it DID!

Mila’s products have been consistently amazing over the years, and while I was excited to see her develop a new line, I didn’t want to see anything change (as per the old adage “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it). I should’ve known better, because once I tried Berry Boreal Bod, I was, quite simply, WOWed! The moisturizing effect is, of course, amazing, and the organic scent is just lovely (& subtle, so it doesn’t trigger allergies for me). Once again, Mila has miraculously found a way to take something absolutely wonderful and transform it into something even better!

Bailee B. (Birmingham, AL)

I love this body oil!!! As someone with super sensitive and dry skin this product has been amazing this fall. Clean ingredients and eco friendly packaging. Also has a lovely scent, not overpowering. You can’t go wrong with any of Mila’s products!!

Linda K. (Pensacola, FL)

I love the way it penetrates the skin and makes it feel softer.

Customer (Gray, LA)
Outstanding results

Amazingly quick results. Instantly soothed and physically improved the appearance of my 2 daughters’ eczema ravaged skin. Would definitely recommend this product and will soon purchase more.

kelsey c. (Madison, VA)
So soothing

I love this blend. The smell is so calming and it moisturizes beautifully.

Kimberly (Gulf Breeze, FL)

I love this moisturizer and how it smells. I wish I had a gallon of it! My boyfriend always comments on how good I smell when I wear it too.