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Gaea's Gala: Complexion Balancing Facial Toner with Galactomyces Boost

  • What do your glowing face and the silky hands of Japanese Sake brewers have in common? Yeast, of course!

    When a Japanese chemist discovered the smooth and supple hands of their local elderly Sake brewers, they traced the reason to galactomyces: a yeast found in sake that happens to be incredible for your skin.

    We’ve formulated Gaea’s Gala with plenty of this vitamin- and mineral-rich yeast. The result: a toner that does a whole lot more than just balance your skin’s pH. (Though it does a great job of that, too.)

    Dispensing type: Pump Top

    Net Contents: 50 ml; 1.7 fl oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 78 reviews
T L. (New Orleans, LA)
Gaea’s Gala

This is my second bottle of this stuff. I use Mila’s 4 step facial wash and care package. I use this toner after the blue minty face wash and before Cryo C and my moisturizer. I can’t say I really know how toner works except to prep my face for my serum and moisturizer. I can say that my complexion is looking better and better and I’d almost swear my wrinkles I’ve acquired during my 40 plus years are disappearing!

janine o. (Panama City Beach, FL)

I love the freshness of this toner. I carry it with me for a nice pick me up spray during the day as well.

Kyoshi (Panama City, FL)
Crispy and Works!

I never thought I would enjoy a toner before... I used to think they were rather pointless, didn't work, and difficult to apply since most the product gets absorbed in a cotton ball or hands. I've tried a handful of toners, but they left my face sticky, or didn't work that well. But Ms. Gala?? She is refreshing, crispy, clean, and actually does balance your face, to my surprise. The atomizer spray is perfect and doesn't waste product. I will definitely repurchase this!

Lori H. (Dallas, TX)
Love Love Love!!!

I can’t say enough about all the Wild Ice products! The toner is light and refreshing and is the perfect addition to my skin routine. I highly recommend all her products if you are craving beautiful skin!

Andrea S. (Marietta, GA)

I love all of Mila’s products. They are so beautiful on my bathroom counter also. Normally I put all of my products under the sink but I leave these out to enjoy. I have not refrigerated them which reminds me to use them daily before they expire.

Abby C. (Nashville, TN)
Best Toner

I switched to this company about 6 months ago and this is by far my favorite toner. It doesn't dry your skin out like others and I'll never go back !

Amy M. (Niceville, FL)

The toner is my favorite product of all WILD ICE products. I keep it in a mini fridge at work and in my kitchen fridge at home. There is nothing more refreshing on a hot day than cool toner spray on my face!

Kasey (Fort Worth, TX)
So light and refreshing!

I love this toner! It sinks in beautifully and doesn't sit on my skin. It's light, refreshing, and lasts a long time! The best part is that is oh balancing to the skin, which is crucial for healthy skin. Highly recommend!

Sarah S. (Madison, AL)
Acne Cure!

I met Mila at the farmers market and she asked what my biggest problem with my face was. I explained I struggle with adult acne and she asked what products I use. This is a loaded question because I have tried so many products and skincare lines to treat my acne and up until now, nothing had worked. At that time, I was using a drugstore combination of products that my dermatologist recommended. Mila explained to me that anything packaged in plastic is probably not that good for you or your skin. She suggested I try the Gaea’s Gala toner to help my acne. I went home and read all the reviews, put Gaea’s Gala and some other products in my cart, and thought about it for a few weeks. I was hesitant to but it because I have literally wasted hundreds of dollars on products that didn’t work for me. Well, I finally bought the Wild Ice four item ‘starter kit’ and my only regret is that I didn’t buy sooner! This toner has managed my acne for weeks now even through my hormonal fluctuations. The whole Wild Ice regime has drastically improved my skin but I’m in love with this toner!

Courtney G.
Miracle working toner

I've been using wild ice for over a year and all her products are my fav, but this is one I make sure I'm never without. It keeps so many breakouts at bay and my skin looks phenomenal!