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Yuki-Onna Facial: Three Seed and White Willow Restorative Mask

  • Why leave home when your couch is calling your name? 

    Here at Wild Ice, the only thing we love more than good skincare is a cozy night in. So we formulated Yuki-Onna with spa-worthy ingredients for the full facial experience: in your pajamas! 

    This plant rich wonder works as hard as your favorite esthetician. It starts by using lactic, glycolic and alpha hydroxy acids to refine and smooth your complexion. 

    Then it polishes your skin with pomegranate, acai and blueberry seeds. And finally, a blend of nourishing plant extracts infuses your skin with vitamins for a glowy finish. 

    You look well rested and healthy, even if you spent all night watching Netflix. 

    Dispensing type: Jar

    Net Contents: 100 ml; 3.4 fl oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Maggie M.
Amazing product!

Love how my skins feels after a treatment! I use this once a week and it really helps the texture of my skin and my skin looks amazing!

Winifred J. (Pensacola, FL)
Face Mask

Love the face mask, it has a mild fresh smell, it is so simple to use and adds another layer of nourishment to the skin. It is does not dry my skin and leaves it with a polished glow, and this is great as I work to maintain my aging skin. I really enjoy this mask.

Cindy M.

I like The Yuki-Onna facial. My face feels so clean and soft after using. Have to admit I have not been as compliant as recommended

Jeannette F. (Atlanta, GA)

Yuki-Onna Facial: Three Seed and White Willow Restorative Mask

Teri M. (Portland, OR)

I met Mila a few weeks ago and have been using 4 of her products. I love love love them. I use the mask also as cleanser it is so fresh and clean but boy does it work.

Gabrielle A. (Bangor, ME)
The best facial for your self care day

Love this product so much! Living up north really does a number on your skin, and this has helped keep my skin clear and smooth. I also noticed a much more even skin tone when using this! Would recommend 10000000x over!

Etsegenet A.
Best face mask ever!

I love to use it as a face mask and if in a rush as a double cleanser. It cleanse and toned my face and give it a nice glow.

Patricia V. (Rutland, VT)
Really great!

Used as directed, this leaves my 50-ish year old skin feeling amazing. I also noticed an improvement in how my skin looks after I use it - kind of dewy and softly glowing in a way that I haven’t seen in years. As a plus, it smells wonderful! Love it!