Become a Snow Angel

We uniquely harness cold to preserve our ingredients' natural potency, eliminating the need for toxic preservatives. This revolutionary approach in skincare ensures nothing harmful touches your skin. If you use and enjoy Wild Ice products then you're invited to join us in promoting this clean innovation.

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Will you send me a free product?

No, we only want to collaborate with people who use (and love) our products, not people who are paid with free stuff.

If you do shop our line and you genuinely love our products then as far as we're concerned you're a perfect fit to spread awareness on the benefits of clean cold skincare.

What's your preferred content?

Long form blog articles are preferred, but other content is great too so long as you actually use (and enjoy) our products.

I don't use your products. Should I apply?

Probably not, as we're only interested in collabs with people who use and enjoy our products.

However, if you're planning on writing a long-form blog article about Wild Ice as an interest piece let us know that when you apply and include a link to your blog and that should be fine (still no free stuff though).

This seems harsh. Why no free stuff?

Because it's not an honest way to build trust with our customers, and it isn't organic.

Also, if you do authentically use and enjoy our products, you get to say so in your content.

You'd be surprised how powerful that is, and how much more your followers will trust and appreciate you.

Can you tell me more about Wild Ice?

Please read through our customer FAQ page to learn more.