You're smart to be interested in a beauty fridge

Mini-fridge for skin-care products.

Because freshness really does matter

It's why the healthiest foods are found in the chilled periphery of the grocery store.

And it's why each of us keep our own healthy eats in kitchen refrigerators.

But can your fridge unspoil food?

We agree - gross. But ask yourself: if you had a rotten banana, would you put it in the fridge expecting it to be made fresh again?

Of course the answer is no. Cold can inhibit degradation, but it can't reverse it.

Similarly, a beauty fridge can't rejuvinate stale skincare placed inside it.

The dirty little industry secret is that products become stale and degraded in:

  • RETAIL: Products sit on shelving at room temp (or worse), decomposing for months to years.


    Products sit on display at room temperature (or warmer), decomposing for months, and often years.



    Example: Fulfillment by Amazon requires sellers agree that products may sit in 155°F heat indefinitely.

  • FREIGHT: Shipping containers commonly used to cross-level inventory reach temps 30 °F over ambient.


    Shipping containers and truck beds can reach temps well over 30°F hotter than the outdoor air.

By the time they get to you it's too late

Ingredients can sit in inventory waiting to be used in a product for months or often years.

And that's before they're even a product.

Once they become products, ingredients sit in a bottle - reacting with each other - for months to years again.

By the time they reach you, comparing them to a rotten banana wouldn't be fair to the banana.

flower frozen in ice
So why don't brands preserve with cold?

The industry knows the obvious: cold is the best and gentlest way to keep things fresh. It's why beauty fridges have become 'a thing.'

So why don't they chill their ingredients and inventory?

Answer: because it's hard.

Brands want to go into retail chains, they want to be distributed by major warehousing companies, and they want to outsource production to one of a few big production houses that make almost all beauty products.

None of these are equipped to offer cold preservation for ingredients and products.

And because they can't, they don't.

It's a classic problem of industry inertia, aka "lock-in"

The skincare industry is built on pthalates, parabens, formaldehydes (if you can believe that) and other chemical preservatives from back when no one knew better (and let's face it, many still don't).

Then people began to demand products that were natural. So the industry threw natural ingredients in with the same old chemicals and literally changed nothing else.

Over time, people began to demand even cleaner and more natural products. The industry responded with marketing buzzwords and... beauty fridges.

But they never did the hard work of maintaining their ingredients and their products the way they advocate that you maintain them -- with cold.

And, as we know, if the banana doesn't arrive fresh, the fridge is no help.

They're hoping you never catch on. That way they never have to change.

Lots of warehousing giants, retail chains, and production houses are counting on it.

Wild Ice Jar inside ice cube.
And that's why we chill

We started Wild Ice Botanicals as an answer to three problems: 1) dangerous chemical preservatives, 2) stale and degraded products, and 3) sensitizers forming in product bottles.

It hasn't been easy. There are no major warehouses that offer cold preservation for non-food products.

There are no retail chains who chill skincare products.

And there are no production houses who use fresh cold-preserved ingredients to make fresh skincare.

The way we see it, there's us, and then there's everyone else.

You're invited to join us

We're trying to change an industry that's notoriously stubborn.

We believe that switching from chemicals to gentle cold preservation is in the best interest of the millions who use skincare every single day.

You deserve the gentlest, most efficacious products possible.

After all, what's the point of paying for high quality active ingredients if they're useless by the time they touch your skin?

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