Meet Mila, Founder of Wild Ice, in the Rosemary Outdoor Market

  • Where: 30A Farmer's Market at Rosemary Beach (she'll be under a canopy with "Wild Ice" on it at the intersection of Nevis Ln and E Long Green Rd). To navigate there, tap here.
  • When: Sundays, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
  • What: The Emerald Coast's very own cold-kept skin care line. Stop by and say hello!
  • Why: We're the only brand that cold preserves our skin care line in the entire United States!
  • Who: Mila, our Founder, will be there to chat! Just look for the "Wild Ice" canopy on the west side of the lawn, facing south.
  • Want to learn more? Read Mila's story, here.
Map to our location (click 'View larger map' to navigate)

Barrett Square Fountain, Rosemary Beach, FL
The iconic Barrett Square Fountain at the heart of Rosemary Beach

In addition to visiting us, Rosemary is a beautiful area to explore and enjoy. There are exquisite little shops, beautiful boardwalks, dazzling courtyards, and of course the picturesque Florida coast.

Rosemary Beach Courtyard
One of many tranquil courtyards in Rosemary - can you spot little Abigail?

Based on 1192 reviews
Eye Love it!

Putting the eyecicle on your eyes is exactly how it sounds, over on your eyes. It is so refreshing both morning and night. Mila recommended storing the product cold and I did just that to make the product work better. One night I forgot to store it cold and it still felt cool on my under eyes the next morning. Amazing product.

D.B.T. Baba Yaga: Cold-Preserved Face, Neck & Eye Cream with Peptide & Ceramide Complexes for Nou...

Love these products. They are tremendously nourishing and have been the best product I've found for my face.

Cryo C

I purchased this product to help with hydration and sun spots. I’m very please with the results leaves my skin glowing and hydrated. Highly recommend this product

Best product

These products are the best my face looks amazing thank you

Can’t leave home without it

If you’re going out of town and want to take Wild Ice with you buy the travel sizes! They hold a great amount of product and easy to pack. Thank you for making this size for travel

Amazing product

I just started using Wild Ice a few months ago and I LOVE IT! I was going on a vacation and wasn’t going to leave without it so I bought the travel sizes. So glad I did

Best mask I’ve used!

This mask leaves my skin so smooth. The exfoliation is so gentle. I love how it leaves your skin feeling moisturized and not tight. Will be repurchasing.

best Serum

I have been using this serum for over a year, and I can tell the difference in my skin. it gives my skin a natural glow and healthy look from within. my skin always appears well hydrated (plus I drink plenty of water daily). but when I wash my face in the evening, I can still feel that protective layer of hydration I think it's because of the thick texture of the serum which I enjoy in addition to its natural smell. I bought last Christmas a small fridge to keep in my bathroom and now I keep all my skincare preserved in it. and I love the cool touch of the serum on my face in the morning. I gifted this serum to my mom, my sister, and a friend cause I so value its natural ingredients which makes it a valuable gift.

I am soooo in love with this perfume!

I am soooo in love with this fragrance. It is so feminine and lovely. I will need a larger bottle before I expected to!

Great facial tape

First time ever to use facial tape. I was worried I would be lazy to apply it every night but I watched Mila’s videos and I’m getting better in applying it before going to bed. I think it helps me best in Lessing my eye puffiness in the morning when I wake up , also it’s helping with frown lines, I have a small line on one of my brow sides and I believe it’s getting better. Thank you Mila for another great product.

Love this!!

I was surprised how amazing the scent was. It has become one of my favorites!! Slightly musky and sweet!!

An Amazing Product

I started using the cyro-c and the baba yaga a year or so ago and really liked how it was changing my skin for the better. I have forgotten to bring the products on a couple trips and my skin can tell! I hate when I don't use it every day, its such an awesome line of products!

Simplicity Without Being Simple

I am really impressed. At just over 50 years old, I really appreciate a simple, clean, & effective skin regimen. This is it. Brava!

4 Step Facial Set
Cami N. (Charlotte, NC)

my husband and I could not have more different types of skin in this works like a charm for both of ours. This is the best that our skin has ever looked each! We are so thankful!

Simplicity Without Being Simple

Power punch of natural and organic ingredients with stellar results and a lovely smell to boot! Both my husband & I are using and will continue forthwith.


My face and neck appear smoother and less dehydrated looking after just a couple weeks of usage. Can't wait to see after a couple months.

Good balance

Ive just started using this line. The Baba Yaga is a good balance between good lasting moisture and absorbing in nicely so no heavy feel. I have aging skin so need moisture without the heaviness. This will be perfect going into warmer weather. And quite possibly all year!

Amazing product

I have gotten so many compliments on my skin since starting Cryo C and will definitely order again! Love all my products from Mila!

The perfect eye serum

I love this eye serum, and its fresh smell. I like the feel of it on the area around my eyes. I have stopped using any eye cream/ serum for years cause it causes my eyes and eyelids to puff when I wake up in the morning but not this one thanks to its natural ingredients and the integrity of the manifacturing process, it preserves the quality and freshness of the product. Thank you Mila ❤️

Best Products!!

I have extremely sensitive dry and aging skin. This is the best skincare I have ever used. Love everything I've tried so far and can't wait to try more.

Excellent products

The skin care products are fabulous make your skin feel and look good

Build Your Own Subscription Box & Save
L.R. (Pensacola Beach, FL)

I have every product in this line and love it!! I started with the four product set and my fave is the vitamin c oil! They are all great! I added products every few weeks! The masque makes my skin look so polished!! The body oil smells heavenly!! Great line!! Ty!!

Build Your Own Subscription Box & Save
Gabrielle A. (Holden, ME)
THE BEST!! Hormonal acne, who?

As someone who struggles with hormonal acne, I cannot express how much I LOVE these products! I've been religiously using them in the AM/PM and I've already noticed a change in 1 week. I already have softer skin, visibly less wrinkles/puffiness/acne and overall healthier looking skin.

Love this Product!

So happy to find a product that reduces my fine lines and eye puffiness! It works so well.

A Must have!!

This is the perfect addition to my skincare routine. I love how hydrating it has made my skin and has even given me that extra glow!