Cleanse Tone Moisturize: Make This Trio Work For Your Skin

Cleanse Tone Moisturize: Make This Trio Work For Your Skin

Liudmila Busch

Rock paper scissors, bacon lettuce tomato, cleanse tone moisturize. All of the best things come in threes. And if you’re not a skincare fanatic, three steps are all you really have to do to get cleansed and glowing skin. 

Let’s dive into the cleanse-tone-moisturize trio and explore how you can make it work for you. 

What is the purpose of cleanser, toner and moisturizer? 

When your beauty routine is composed of just three products, each of them better be pulling their weight. Here’s what each of these heavy hitters is doing for your skin. 


This one is obvious. Cleanser keeps your skin clean and fresh after your pretty face is exposed to dust, debris, sweat, makeup and the other detritus of daily life. 

When you’re choosing a cleanser, you want to seek something gentle. You’ll be using this product somewhere between one and three times every day, so you don’t want anything that’s abrasive, drying or filled with harsh chemicals. 

Since you use cleanser so often, it’s also a good idea to find one that’s packed with other  good for your ingredients , like vitamin B to improve skin texture and chamomile to reduce inflammation. 

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Despite what you may hear from some folks, toner really is an essential part of your skincare routine.

Why? All of the pollutants and irritants that your skin comes across throughout the day throw off your skin’s pH balance. And when your skin’s pH is off, you tend to end up with either overly dry or overly oily skin. 

Both of these phenomena are unpleasant on their own, but they become even more troublesome when you take into account the fact that they can contribute to wrinkles and/or acne. 

Luckily, toner is here to save the day with it’s amazing pH balancing properties. It also primes your skin for any products you apply after toner, so that they work better. And it can help to remove the minerals and chlorine from the tap water you’re splashing on your skin. 

It’s important to avoid toners that use alcohol, as they can excessively dry your skin. And just like with your cleanser, it’s a good idea to choose a toner that does double duty. That’s why we  pack ours with galactomyces , a yeast that’s proven to help reduce the signs of aging and maintain a smooth complexion. 


Maybe everyone’s favorite product, this feel-good cream is important for keeping your skin hydrated and supple. Not only does this contribute to your glow today, but it can help your skin retain elasticity and form fewer wrinkles tomorrow. 

We’ve doubled the anti-aging effect in  our moisturizer  by formulating it with a peptide blend that improves skin’s firmness and a ceramide complex that locks in much-needed moisture. 

When to Apply Cleanser, Toner, and Moisturizer 

For most people, once or twice a day (morning and evening) is completely sufficient for healthy skin. 

Some folks prefer not to wash their face in the morning--or they're simply too bleary eyed before their morning coffee to do so--and choose to only tone and moisturize in the A.M. 

If you’re someone who works out and gets a sweat on in the middle of the day, or if you’re visiting a sauna or weathering a particularly humid day, you may need to wash your face three times. You don’t want sweat seeping back into your pores and contributing to acne. 

However, it’s best not to over wash your face since it can throw off your skin’s pH, so don’t wash unnecessarily. 

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How Do You Cleanse, Tone and Moisturize?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to your daily three-part routine. 

Step 1: Splash lukewarm water onto your face. (Don’t use hot water; it can inflame your skin and aggravate conditions like rosacea.) 

Apply a small amount of cleanser to your fingertips and massage it in circles gentle on your skin. Rinse with cool water. 

Pat--don’t rub--your face dry with a towel. 

Step 2: After your skin is dry, spray toner liberally onto your face. (Or, apply it to a cotton pad and smooth it over your face.) 

Step 3: After your toner has absorbed into your skin, massage your moisturizer onto your face. Take special care around the gentle eye area. You may want to use your delicate ring finger to apply moisturizer there. 

During the day, always follow up with sunscreen! 

Final Thoughts 

Keeping your skin healthy is simpler than you thought. Just three workhorse ingredients and you’re ready to face the day. 

Don’t forget to use ingredients that are both potent and natural, so you’re getting your money’s worth without adding toxins to your skin. At Wild Ice, we keep all of our products cold until the moment we ship them to you, so you get the most effective skincare without any harmful preservatives. 

Grab our four step facial set  today to get starting cleansing, toning, and moisturizing (and enjoy a botanical-rich resurfacing mask to take your results to the next level, too). 

Mila Founder of Wild Ice Botanicals

Mila (pronounced 'mee-luh') is the founder of Wild Ice Botanicals, a clean & natural skincare company dedicated to using cold preservation to deliver fresh products free of chemical preservatives so that women of all ages and skin types can confidently look their natural best.