How to Tighten Skin Around Eyes: Look Younger With These Tips

How to Tighten Skin Around Eyes: Look Younger With These Tips

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A little bit of wrinkly and loose skin around your eyes is inevitable. Think of it as evidence of a life well lived! But if you’d like to avoid  too much evidence, we’re sharing some of our best tips for how to tighten skin around your eyes. 

Let’s start by exploring how your eye skin got a little loose in the first place...

How Does Wrinkly and Loose Skin Around the Eyes Form? 

If you’re over the age of 25, chances are you’ve begun to notice some fine lines around your eyes. This is totally normal. Our faces need to bend and crinkle to do important things (like smile!) and the result includes a few wrinkles. 

For better or for worse, genetics also play a role here. If your parents have prominent eye bags, loose skin around their eyes, or dark circles, there’s a relatively good chance that you will too. (But don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you can’t do something about them.) 

Plus, like anything to do with the degradation of skin, sun exposure is a big factor as well. The more unprotected time you spend outside, the more wrinkles you’ll find around your eyes as time goes on. 

Loose skin around the eyes is also simply a product of the passage of time. As you get older, the proteins that keep the skin around your eyes tight--like collagen and elastin--break down. And at the same time, the production of new fibers decreases. The result is a little more looseness as time goes on. 

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Lifestyle Changes to Tighten Loose Skin Around Eyes 

While there are cosmetic procedures you can have done to tighten the skin around your eyes, they tend to be very costly and come with side effects. Instead, you may want to focus on making some simple lifestyle changes and see if you notice a difference: 


  • Dial up the sun production. Contrary to the advice of one Miss Sheryl Crow, we recommend that you  don’t soak up the sun. It can make loose skin and wrinkles worse, and encourage new skin problems to form. Every time you head out, remember the big three: sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses. 
  • Ditch the smoking habit. We know you already know: smoking is bad for you. And it’s bad for your complexion, too. If you’d like to tighten the skin around your eyes, make quitting your goal this year. 
  • Swap your pillowcase for silk. Typical pillowcases can tug at your skin as you sleep, leading to loose, wrinkled skin over time. A silk (or satin) pillowcase allows your skin to glide over it as you move, so there’s no tugging. 
  • Eat vitamin-rich foods. Part of having youthful looking skin around your eyes is eating a bounty of nutritious foods, which stimulate cell growth. Make sure you’re eating the rainbow every day. That is to say: eat an abundance of fruits and vegetables in a variety of colors. 
  • Try chamomile. Chamomile is excellent for soothing inflamed, puffy skin, including the bags under your eyes. You may try placing chamomile tea bags over your eyes. Or adopt  a cleanser formulated with chamomile into your routine. 
  • Stop rubbing your eyes. Rubbing your eyes can be oh so tempting, especially when you’re tired or stressed. But doing so can cause some serious damage to the skin around your eyes. Try to be conscious of this habit when possible. And if you’ve got allergies, that’s something to be mindful of too, since those can lead to irritated eyes and more rubbing as a result. 


  • Try facial yoga (but don’t get your hopes up). There is some anecdotal evidence that practicing facial yoga can help with tightening skin. But there aren’t a lot of scientific studies to back that up (yet). If you find facial exercises fun to incorporate into your routine, feel free to add them. But we don’t recommend making this the only solution you try for tighter skin. 


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Skincare Solutions for Tighter Skin Around the Eyes 

Though the jury is still out on facial yoga, there is thankfully plenty of science to back up using certain powerhouse skincare products to tighten your eye skin. 

It’s all about using products that stimulate the production of the proteins (like collagen) that break down as you age. Ideally, you should choose something formulated with peptides to help your skin build those proteins. 

You’ll also want a product with ceramides, which keep your skin barrier healthy, lock in moisture and help to fight the signs of aging. 

D.B.T. Baba Yaga is our cold cream therapy designed to fight loose skin around your eyes (and everywhere else, too). We’ve developed it with a peptide blend that promotes protein for firm skin, and a potent ceramide complex that fights signs of aging and prevents dry skin. If you’re going to choose any one powerhouse product to tighten your eye skin, make it this one. 

If you’re feeling ambitious, we also recommend grabbing a product with vitamin C, which does double duty for that sensitive eye skin by helping to protect it from sun damage and at the same time, visibly tightening your skin. We’ve lovingly crafted our Cryo-C Facial Glow Serum with a super high quality, lipid-soluble form of Vitamin C to help your eye skin look firm (and even a little glowy)!

Like all of our products at Wild Ice, both D.B.T. Baba Yaga and Cryo-C are formulated with cold-kept ingredients. And they’re kept cold until the moment we ship them to you. This ensures that your all-natural skincare is as fresh and potent as possible, so you get the best results for your beautiful face. 

Mila Founder of Wild Ice Botanicals

Mila (pronounced 'mee-luh') is the founder of Wild Ice Botanicals, a clean & natural skincare company dedicated to using cold preservation to deliver fresh products free of chemical preservatives so that women of all ages and skin types can confidently look their natural best.